CraftyMarie Sowing in September 2015

Seed packets for things sowing in September

The weather is rapidly cooling down here in the East Anglian region of the UK. The mornings are a lot colder, I even saw my breath in the air, and my poly tunnel has been right down to just 4 degrees Celsius overnight. It's taking longer to warm up to a reasonable level and there's less sun. Despite this, there are still plenty of things to sow in September and this post looks at what I'm trying out this month.

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Mustard Spinach Komatsuna Torasan

Sowing Mustard Spinach Komatsuna Torasan in Modules

This variety of Mustard Spinach is from Mr. Fothergill's. You can sow these from March to September and they are, apparently, easy to grow and fast to grow leafy greens. Young leaves can be used in salads and more mature leaves can be cooked. The other benefit of this is that you can use this as a cut and come again variety by removing a few leaves from each plant which is then able to regrow more leaves for two or three times. Despite the cooler weather, I used my seed raising kit by Gardman which has enabled a healthy germination with one seed per module.

Tatsoi Emperors Savoy

Tatsoi Emperors Savoy Sow Seeds

These were free seeds included with the Kitchen Garden magazine. These Tatsoi can be sown from March to October. They're oriental vegetables that can be used in the same way as Pak Choi and the leaves can be steamed or stir fried. I've been really pleased with the healthy looking germination of these ones. They look nice and robust so fingers crossed.

Choy Sum 

Choy Sum seed sowing seeds in individual modules

Another freebie from the Kitchen Garden mag, these vegetables are completely edible from the leaves, stems, buds and flowers. You can eat the young leaves in salads or cook the more mature leaves in a stir fry or by steaming. These can be sown from May to September. The germination on these has been a little spotty but this was taken after a matter of mere days so more could arrive within the 14-21 germination window.

Spring Onion Performer

Spring Onion Performer seeds seedlings in individual modules

If you're observant, you may notice that there are no seedlings popping up here! This photo was taken at the same time as the others but no germination in sight. My Spring Onions are not much of a performer as the name suggests! In typical mode though, I made a second sowing of these (determined not to be beaten) and low and behold, the very next morning a few shoots were visible on the first sowing.

This packet boasts of all year round sowing. You can sow from March to September outdoors while earlier or later sowings need protection such as cloches or a greenhouse. I think sticking to the months actually suggested may give the best results but we will see.

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