How to Stop Slugs Eating Plants in Grow Tables

Deter slugs and snails from eating plants fruits and vegetables in your growing tables with this one little trick

Discover how to stop slugs from eating plants in your grow tables with this one really simple and easy trick that you can employ today. Every gardener knows that slugs and snails are among some of the very worst garden pests. They can munch through plants and destroy them very quickly.

Even though these creatures can destroy my crops, I still wish to deter them as humanely as possible. So this neat little method is cruelty-free, non-toxic, organic and natural. It will help you to grow the most amazing crops including the most divine looking and blemish free lettuce that you'll really want to eat.

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Stop Slugs and Snails from Eating Your Grow Table Crops Right Now With This ONE Simple Trick

I made a quick video which runs down the key points for you of how to employ this method. There is no sound on it so you can watch it without being concerned about audio. As well as the video, I have covered this method of natural slug prevention in more detail below for you to read either instead of or in addition to the video.

Here's a detailed run-down of using this natural method of slug and snail prevention.

The Benefit of Using Grow Tables is in the Legs

Grow tables are a very useful way to grow crops and although they raise the height of the crop level away from the ground, it is still incredibly easy for slugs and snails to climb up and munch away on your crops.

I've tried lots of natural and organic slug control methods including crushed egg shells and copper tape but never had any real success. Until I realised that water was the most natural barrier to prevent these creatures from getting to my crops.

Grow tables normally come with legs attached. This makes it super easy to employ my quick and easy slug off trick.

What You Need to Employ This Easy Trick

Elho plastic grow table filled with different varieties of lettuce salad leaves all in perfect condition

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

You need 4 wide and strong containers. A sturdy tin or pot with no drainage holes is absolutely ideal. We had some old metal baby formula tins and weight loss powder tins which were ideal for this.

Stand each leg of your grow table in one of these wide containers. Make sure the table legs do not touch the side of the containers at all.

Add some water inside each container. I fill mine about half full and have never had to refill them with the amount of rain we get.

The water in each container creates a barrier which normal garden slugs and snails are simply unable to pass. They will climb up the side of the tin, then down inside it but have to turn back once they realise there is water there.

The containers have to be wide so that slugs and snails are unable to stretch their bodies over the gap of water.

Keter Easy Grow Patio Garden Flower Plant Planter Raised Elevated Garden BedElho plastic grow table in black large enough to grow several salad crops such as lettuce, carrots and other edibles for vegetable gardeners

I'm very happy with my black plastic Elho grow table and went back and bought another because I've found it such a useful addition to my vegetable garden.

Some Extra Notes on Using This Natural and Organic Method of Slug Prevention

If you are concerned about whether this method is humane - it is. The water is there not to kill the slugs but to provide a natural and organic barrier which they are unable to pass. I've yet to find any drowned ones and I've seen them trying their best to get up to the goodies in the grow table.

Should looks matter to you, you can always paint the containers to match the overall color of your grow table. For me, I'm not bothered about how it looks because my priority is having a productive vegetable garden rather than a show garden. I don't have time to do both.

Metal tins will normally rust over time but they are much stronger to cope with the weight of a grow table which is full of compost and plants. It is possible to line them with a waterproof liner or a waterproof paint to extend the life span of the tins.

Plastic containers would have to be tough plastic to take the weight of the grow table or they will crack and split.

If you have a wooden growing table, you can use a thick, waterproof liner around the bottom of the legs to protect them from the water surrounding them. There is no need to worry with a plastic table like the Elho ones I have.

Bug, Slugs and Other Thugs: Controlling Garden Pests Organically Down-To-Earth Gardeing BookPest Control for Organic Gardening: Natural Methods for Pest and Disease Control for a Healthy Garden

Make sure that slugs and snails cannot access the grow table any other way. If it is touching a fence, wall or even a plant growing by its side then you are leaving the way clear for these creatures to access their favorite foods.

Here's a Quick Recap of Stopping Slugs Eating Your Grow Table Plants
  1. Stand each leg of your grow table in a wide container.
  2. Fill each container about half way with water.
  3. The water creates a natural and organic barrier which slugs and snails cannot pass.
  4. It is a humane method and the water is not there to kill these creatures, just to stop them climbing up your grow table.
  5. Make sure that these garden pests cannot access your plants easily any other way such as if the table is touching a wall, fence or even a plant growing at the side of it.
  6. Keep the water topped up or they will be able to climb up as normal.
Enjoy eating fruit and veggies without the usual nibbles and holes from our favorite garden pests.

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  1. ahh really nice idea, I actually heard about it from one of fantasy book I read in the past, really deep past like medieval ages or sth ppl tend to put bed's leg into pots with water to avoid any unwanted insects to climb their beds, never though this could be applied against slugs.


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