Make Butterfly Cookies for Spring

Do you enjoy clay crafts such as Polymer? Or even Play Doh? Well these butterflies here employ a really fun technique which is just like working with a material like this but in edible form.

I'll show you how to make these beautiful marbled fondant spring butterfly cookies. 

They're really very easy to make and so enjoyable. If you can make basic sugar cookies (even ones from a packet mix) then you're good to go!

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The great thing about butterfly shaped cutters is that you can really make great use of them along with plenty of other craft projects too.

Because I'm a pretty thrifty gal, I really like to get maximum use out of everything I buy so if I can find even more ways to use even something simple like this then I'm much happier investing in getting one.

See How to Make These Fun Spring Cookies with My Full Tutorial

Other Ways to Use Butterfly Cookie Cutters:

Trace Round to Make Gift Tags and Embellishments: many cutters are often sized ideally for drawing around and for making your own quick paper or card tags and embellishments.

Just check before you buy that you love the shape of the cutter, it's easy to draw around and it is a good size to apply to more paper craft projects.

Make a Boxed Gift Set of Cookies: box up some of your completed spring bakes and pop a matching tag design made with the cutter on top so the whole set has a really lovely coordinated look. Gift it as a beautiful sweet treat surprise for a birthday, Mother's Day or just to say thanks.

Create Gorgeous Garlands Ideal for Parties and Pretty Decor: you can draw straight around your cutter onto felt using a water soluble fabric pen since you can dab those lines away later with a lightly dampened cloth.

Cut these out to make pretty shapes for your own banner or garland - try layering up a couple of different colors or shades and stitching them together down the middle. Glue or stitch the butterflies onto a length of twine or ribbon to make a cute banner or garland ideal for pretty home decor or a spring or summer party.

Customize Summer Footwear with Fabric Flutters: got some sandals that need a little something extra? Decorate your summer sandals or flip flops with butterflies cut out from pieces of your fabric stash. You can attach these with a glue gun and add in other decorative items too like rhinestones or buttons.

Decorate a Framed Picture or Photo with any embellishments you make using these beautiful winged bugs. You can lay them on flat around the frame using a decoupage technique and Modge Podge.

Alternatively, you can make dimensional embellishments by making them from card or multiple layers of paper and folding the wings up. Then just glue down the middle.

That should give you plenty of ideas on getting lots of uses from a single little tool. When I buy my cutters to make shaped sugar cookies and baked biscuits, I always consider if it will be good for something else. If not, back it goes on the shelf! I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit. See you again soon.

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