Make a Double Fishtail Rubber Band Bracelet Without a Loom

double rubber band fishtail bracelets made with fingers instead of and without a loom board tutorial

Learn how to make a double fishtail rubber band bracelet without a loom and just by using your fingers instead. This step by step written photo tutorial also includes a video which shows you how.

Making bracelets and unique pieces of jewelry from colorful rubber bands is a whole lot of fun. Luckily, you don't need any special tools or equipment to get started with this rubber band craft. All you need are your fingers, some bands and a clip to secure the ends of the design together properly.

Although this craft is largely touted as a kids craft and activity, there are plenty of adults who enjoy creating with these colorful and elastic parts and I'm one of them. My daughter and I first learned how to make these designs using our fingers and it is still one of the favorite ways to whip up a quick bracelet to wear.

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How to Make a Double Fishtail Rubber Band Bracelet WITHOUT a Loom and Using Your Fingers Instead

Note: Obviously there are things that you should be careful about, as with any small items, such as not leaving the small parts unattended with a young child. Used sensibly and with adult supervision these rubber bands are fun to make cool items with.

Materials and Tools to Make a Double Fishtail Rubber Band Bracelet:

  • A Selection of Rubber Loom Bands: two different colors are good to learn with
  • A Plastic C Clip or an S Clip to fasten the ends of the bracelet
  • Your Fingers

You don't need any kind of loom or weaving implement to start making some cool looking fishtail bracelet designs. You can also make other pieces of fun jewelry like necklaces and keychains from your colored rubber bands.

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Luckily your fingers can be used instead of a loom. Find out how to make these without a loom and with this step by step photo instruction page below.

Step 1

black rubber band rainbow loom twisted around fingers

It is easiest to learn this double fishtail pattern by using 2 different colors and alternating them as you work it. When you know this pattern off by heart, you can then easily choose as many colors as you want and in the ordering that you would like too. But part of this design's appeal is the contrasting two colors repeated along the length.

NOTE: Color A refers to the first color (I picked black) and Color B to your second choice of color (I picked purple).

Using Color A, place this band around your index finger which is the finger that sits right next to your thumb. If you are right handed, you will probably want to use your left hand to hold the bands. And if you are left handed, you may prefer to use your right hand.

Twist this first band in the center which turns it into the shape of a figure of 8 and then stretch the other side over the top of your middle finger. Pull this band down a little on both fingers, leaving room for a new one to be placed on top.

Step 2

black and purple rubber bands stretched over fingers

Using Color B, stretch this straight over both the fingers as shown in the second photo. There is no twist with this one - you just add it on.

Step 3

three rubber bands over the fingers black and purple

Using Color A, stretch this over both fingers again without the twist - just the same as with step 2.

Step 4

pulling bottom band over top one rainbow loom pattern fingers

Now you will start building your pattern by 'weaving' the bands. Get hold of the very bottom band on your index finger and stretch it up and over the other bands and right over the top of your finger and into the middle - between your index and middle finger.

Now get hold of the bottom band on your middle finger and repeat this process, stretching it up and over your finger and into the middle as shown on the photo.

Step 5

rainbow loom bands worked without a loom

This photo shows what your design should now look like and resemble - obviously just looking different because of the colors you've chosen.

Step 6 

Adding in new colors to rubber bands pattern

Now use Color B and stretch it over both fingers without twisting it.

Step 7 

Stretching bands over pattern to make new loop

Now go back and repeat step 4 where you pull the very bottom band over into the middle on both sides.

Step 8

black and purple double fishtail design pattern forming to make a bracelet

Repeat this pattern from steps 3-7 and you will notice the fishtail design as it starts to grow from the middle of your fingers. You need to keep repeating this process until the whole design is large enough to make a bracelet or whatever else you want to make.

Watch the video and also learn how to finish the bracelet off properly below.

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Video Showing How to Make a Double Fishtail Bracelet

Enjoy this video demonstration which shows you the technique for this craft.

To Finish Your Double Fishtail Rubber Band Bracelet Design

double fishtail bracelet designs pastel colors full craft tutorial

When you decide it is the right length, keep working the pattern BUT you don't add in any new bands, you just keep pulling the bottom band over your fingers until you have just one left.

Now attach either a C or an S shaped clip to the band on your index finger and once attached, pull this band off your hand. Then attach the clip to the remaining section on your middle finger and then remove from your hand completely.

Now you just need to attach the clip to the other end of your bracelet design to fasten it all off neatly. Enjoy the video demonstrations too.

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