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All of the photos and content here on the CraftyMarie website as well as the CraftyMarie PDF patterns are protected by copyright laws and must not be republished, redistributed or reproduced elsewhere in any format. Images are all my own unless otherwise indicated.

Can You Sell Items Made From CraftyMarie Patterns?

You are very welcome to sell the finished hand sewn projects online or for a craft stall providing that you give appropriate design credit back to the CraftyMarie website.

For all online product listings, please add "Design made with a pattern." A link back to the CraftyMarie website at is much appreciated.

Please use your own finished product photos to sell your items.

Mass-production of CraftyMarie designs is not allowed.

I shop on venues such as eBay, Etsy and Craftsy myself, so can quite quickly pick up and report any sellers who are attempting to pass my designs off as their own or who are not following my guidelines.

Can You Share Content From the CraftyMarie Website?

I do really appreciate that other bloggers and website owners may wish to share content from this site. You may use ONE photo from any article providing that you give a clear link right back to the web page that it originally came from.

You do not have permission to use any of my written text except for a very small extract of less than 50 words. I am fully tech savvy and am aware of how to find and report sites that simply take my content.

You are welcome to share social media links back to on social sharing sites such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter using a photo from any web page.

Thank You for Reading the Terms of Use

Thanks for reading through my copyright policy and terms of use. I appreciate it's a bit boring but it's much better (for you) that you're fully aware.

I really don't like to have too many rules. Please just remember all the hard work and effort I put into my websites and designs. I give a huge amount of craft content for free because I love crafting and want to share my enjoyment. Play fair by me and I'll play fair by you.

Enjoy your crafting, Marie

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