About Marie

Fresh From My Writing Desk: A Little About Me 

I'm Marie and I'm an adult craftaholic. Crafts, gardening and coffee are my biggest addictions in life. I absolutely need to get my creative fix which I'm now sharing here with you in the hope that I can spread the fun!

Working from home allows me to be on hand to carry out my parenting duties. I work as a freelance writer online and have many different websites that I write on. I mainly write about crafts as well as seasonal topics such as Christmas and Halloween. Writing and creating is the perfect mix.

I've made plenty of tutorials on popular crafts but I never run short of inspiration to make more because there's always something different to try and new techniques to learn. I do design my own items and am always making my own templates for shaped cards, paper and also fabric crafts.

My copyright policy has information about selling items using my patterns and sharing my work on social media.

My Crafting Experience 

I was taught how to knit and sew by hand as a young child and I've been hooked on crafts ever since. I still have knitting needles and embroidery floss in my sewing box which were passed all the way down from my grandmother who I sadly never met. But I love the fact that I own some nostalgic pieces that have helped to shape the person I am today.

There's definitely a core set of crafts which I just love to do but really I'm an all-rounder. I can turn my hand to many different techniques whether it's yarn crafts such as crochet, fabric, felt, beads, paint, paper, glue or something else.

Paper crafts are a real biggie for me and I love making cards as well as items that decorate the home. I'm pretty obsessed with making bunting and banners. I love many different types of paper crafts such as 3D decoupage, die cutting, paper folding, origami and more. If it's cute, pretty and fun, I want to make it.

What You Can Expect 

This website is mostly about adult crafting. Kid crafts and activities are great and, as a parent myself, I do my fair share of those too. However, I do get tired of hunting and sifting through tutorials and projects online aimed at preschoolers and younger children. There's just so many of them.

My normal week includes unhealthy amounts of time sat in front of a computer writing for my different websites. I like to spend my mornings in the garden if the weather is good, my afternoons writing and my evenings crafting.

I love my rather simple but colorful crafty life with a passion, and it is a real privilege to share a little slice of that with you. Thanks for stopping by and please bookmark this site so you can come again and catch up with what I’m doing all year round.

My Favorite and Most Used Social Media Site 

I'm no social media junkie because I'd simply rather be writing or crafting. But that said, I enjoy browsing Pinterest which is a site I definitely find rather addictive.

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Disclosure Section 

Some links on my published pages here are affiliate links which means that should you click through and make a purchase, I may get a commission for the sale. Here's my Privacy Policy Page and my FTC Disclosure Page if you want to know more about that.