Fun Crafty Things to do for Halloween

Although I'm somewhat late to the party this year, I have some really fun crafts and creative tutorials and freebies I want to share with you for the Halloween season. So it's easily digestible, I'm splitting this up into 3 main sections which include decorating, dressing up and food.

While I have written stacks of articles on this time of year because it is a favorite time, I'm not going to bombard you with all of the posts I've written but pick out the key things that we've done for this year. You'll get a great range of fun and crafty things to do for Halloween.

I am sure that you will enjoy what I have got and have fun with it. You can also let me know in the comments how your own spooky crafts are going and what you're working on because I'd love to know.

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1. Decorating Crafts for Halloween

I like to start with making larger items for decorating and ones that should make the most visual impact when guests walk into a room. So I tend to start off with creating hanging and wall decor items that can quickly cover blank spaces of wall. The first item to show you is my paper banner.

The Trick of Treat sign was a cheap dollar store item which was just the right size to hang above my handmade paper banner. This was easy to make using lots of black cardstock, a printer, glitter letter embellishments, ribbon and string for hanging.

Click Here for My Banner Tutorial with Free Printables

I've made this project even easier for you because I've given you not only the tutorial to make this design but also have provided all those antiqued style images (all perfectly sized) for you to print off and use to make your own version.

Here is a close up of the banner design. You can see a couple of the vintage style images with the black and white butterfly and crow designs which were mounted on to pink pearly paper with the pink sparkling glitter letter embellishments underneath and the ribbon ties across the top.

I wanted to use pink as a secondary color because it happened to match in with other decor and it was a girly color that my daughter also wanted too. You could choose orange, green or purple instead or stick to white for other colors that would work well for your own decorations.

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Since this is made from paper, this is an indoor design. If you wanted one that you could use somewhere sheltered outdoors like on a covered front porch, then you could use black vinyl sheets for the backing and laminate the paper designs on the front before sticking with a glue gun. That would probably work just fine.

Look out Martha Stewart! I saw some very cool looking black bird cut-outs on Amazon that I thought would make fab pieces to dot around the room - especially as I love birds being somewhat of a backyard bird watcher myself. However, no way was I going to pay for those when they are so simple and easy to make yourself - sorry Martha but I'm not that challenged when it comes to paper and scissors!

Anyway. I found some free bird silhouettes online of crows and ravens which I used as the basis for making up some very quick cardboard templates that I could draw around and reproduce. Just one or two birds wasn't going to cut it with the creepy look so I made quite a few.

I posed some around our mirror, making it look as though they were just perching there and had some sitting up on the ceiling rail too. I think the key with this was to have them appearing to rest on something rather than unrealistically floating mid air while in a seated pose.

Find Out How You Can Make these Creepy Crows with Free Templates

Another quick and easy craft is with making large tissue paper pom poms like these ones here. Once you get the hang of these, they are fast to make and can quickly fill blank areas with hanging decorations.

I found some brilliant black and white polka dot tissue paper and we also wanted pink to go with our edgy girly look. No, Hubby had no say whatsoever in this at all. I'm afraid girls rule in our house.

Click Here to See How to Make These Paper Pom Poms

You can find some great instructions on making these over on YouTube which is exactly how I learned to make them by watching some videos. You need a lot of tissue paper to make large ones like these but it's really worth it because they look fab and these had our guests talking about them. You can see some of my other decorations in the background.

For crafts on a much smaller scale, I love my perler beads. These plastic little beads can be made into so many things including novelty drinks coasters, jewelry, ornaments and decorations, picture frames, 3D models and loads more. Once the designs have been fused together by the ironing process they are fairly robust.

Here's some simple and easy skull patterns made into some fun novelty jewelry for the occasion. You could just as easily turn these into quick hanging ornaments or decorations for cards and invitations. Or work the design into the middle of a square for a quick coaster.

You can see quite a few different Halloween themed Perler bead patterns on my themed article and also find out how to make jewelry too.

Halloween Themed Perler Bead Patterns

Of course a lot of these patterns are also good for cross stitch charts and plastic canvas as well so you can have fun with a variety of techniques using the same pattern designs. Pinterest is also a great source to find ideas for decorating for this season although you need to sift through a lot of rubbish to find the really good stuff.

2. Dressing Up for Fright Night!

I don't really do dressing up myself although I may just pop a mask on. However my young daughter loves it and she always wants to wear a costume for the occasion. I also enjoy writing about costumes and cosplay which panders to my creative streak so I'll provide some of my very best guides for you below.

My daughter wanted to dress as a mini Maleficent this year as we watched the movie together and she loved it. She thought Angelina Jolie was very cool as the Disney Villain.

We already had a decent black and magenta witch dress which she wanted to use so why buy another when we already have something good, right. And so we really just needed some horns to create the actual look so there is no missing who she is meant to be.

You can make some very fast paper (or vinyl) horns with my tutorial which shows 2 different versions: one which is a very simple horned mask on elastic and the other which is a headband and our preference for this occasion.

See How to Make Quick Maleficent Horns with Free Template

To round off her look further (and since she loves both loom bands and perler beads to craft with) we also made a fun charm bracelet to match.

We both had a lot of fun making some easy rubber loom band bracelets in typical Maleficent colors of black, purple and green and I designed this easy to make face from Perler beads which was attached using a open jump ring.

Here is the Tutorial to Make a Maleficent Bracelet

We enjoyed making this villain's face so much that we made quite a few - just wondering how else I could use the others up now so I might opt to do a matching necklace as well.

3. Spooky Food Ideas for Fun and Parties

I'm not the world's best cook but I like to be inventive with events like this and parties in how I serve up my food. I think a lot can come down to presentation even if you're just serving shop bought items.

One thing I had a lot of fun with was in serving up dips in hollowed out and carved oranges which look like mini pumpkins when presented this way. Oh and the orange inside doesn't get wasted since you can use it in your fruit punch or just for making fruit juice with.

You can get other ideas on serving up savory food here:

Savory Snack Ideas for Halloween

I do have a sweet tooth but the idea of just eating sweet stuff for this occasion is pretty gross to me. I love savory foods as well. Dips are great even if you're not having a full blown dinner party as they are easy to serve up with drinks.

On the sweet side, there are lots of choices. If you love chocolate, you can have fun and be creative at the same time by making some chocolate spider webs.

They are good to eat on their own just as they are but make brilliant (and simple) decorations for cakes and cupcakes as well. All you're doing is piping out melted chocolate. It's a messy job but someone has to do it!

See How to Make Chocolate Webs Here

We are getting to the end of my blog post now so I have saved something sweet for the end. My last page I want to show you is ideas on how you can decorate your own cupcakes. Now these can be shop bought cupcakes, ones from a ready mix or ones you've made by hand.

No matter which way you've obtained them, you can jazz them up in a spooky style using some of some fun and novel ideas for decorating.

Well that's it folks. I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit. I have a lot to get done before this big day myself but I'll be back soon with some other crafty bits and pieces for you to read. Have fun with making things for October 31st.

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