Arthur Bell Rose Bush: Beautiful Fragrance

Yellow rose bush with a flower in full bloom and a few orange buds

A few months back we purchased our very first rose bushes and shrubs to plant in the garden. We placed three in the front border and three to mark the border of the wildlife area at the back.

This gorgeous yellow "Arthur Bell" Floribunda Rose was given the prime spot for sunshine at the back and look how this new plant has now rewarded us with its stunning creamy yellow bloom.

You can see there's some more buds waiting for the right moment to spring forth. I love the darker, fiery orange that opens out to this stunning shade of creamy yellow. The petals are shaded from pure silky cream to buttercup yellow. It is very fragrant and has a gorgeous scent to it as well. See some more photos by reading on.

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I'll be honest, the rose shrubs we purchased have been a bit of hard work and more so than other shrubs and plants. I have lavished a lot of time on these new plants, working hard to spray off sap sucking aphids with fine jets of water.

Days after planting, many leaves were ruined by leaf cutter bees, chewing off big holes in the leaves for their nests and this left them looking a bit of an unsightly mess.

Yellow colour rose rosa flower

Beautiful Bloom with Sunny Yellow Petals and the Sweetest Fragrance

The worst thing of all was the sheer abundance of greenfly crawling over the new growth. They can be hard to spot, especially when hiding out on the underside of the leaves.

Because I was late to spot the greenfly initially, they managed to wreak havoc on a couple of rose bushes, destroying the leaves and buds. Luckily, I was onto them before they ruined this gorgeous Arthur Bell rose too.

I'm not into waging chemical warfare on living things so I used a squirty water bottle initially on a fine jet spray to remove the greenfly with bog standard tap water.

Then I found that a gentle dust over affected areas with a very soft, dry paint brush was quicker and more effective at removing these aphids off the bushes. I try and do this morning and evening to control the numbers.

side view of yellow rose flower

Side View of this Flower with Buds Further Back

So, you see what I mean when I said that roses can be hard work. I guess maybe not so hard if you want to use insecticide sprays etc but I'm working to build up a wildlife friendly environment. 

I'm not particularly keen on adding in any unnecessary toxins into the garden which could be harmful to the animals and living things that I'm so eager to attract. Thankfully it is only the roses which have been quite so demanding. They are perhaps rightfully the divas of the garden!

New rose bud in pale orange with leaf green foliage.

The Bud Shown in the Previous Photo Bloomed the Next Day 

I've added in a new photo above which was taken the day after all the rest. It shows the bud which has just started to open out. It is much more of a pale orange colour than the bigger bloom which is all yellow. I love the contrast of these shades with the leaves. 

I'm now waiting on some of the other varieties that we have to show us what they've got. If you love this plant and want more information on it, I recommend visiting the relevant page for it on the Royal Horticultural Society website: link here.


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