If it is Pink or Sparkly, I Want it!

Does this graphic describe you as well. It certainly describes me because pink is one of my most used crafting colors and I enjoy adding in sparkles where I can with rhinestones and glitter.

I've definitely got the glitter bug. Glitter should have been my middle name. We're always finding it sprinkled around the home where it's just fallen from a recent craft project. I've always been crafty and I love to make and create. 

There are my old favorites which I love to revisit such as rubber stamping, card making, paper tole art, cross stitch and origami and then there are my newer favorites as well. My current hot craft is fused beads but I enjoy giving most things a try.

Welcome to My Crafty World of Paper, Glitter, Glues, Embellishments and More

My crafting room is a tray. I have a large oak buffet and hutch, Welsh dresser, and matching bookcase that holds most of my stash but I really prefer to be mobile with my actual crafting.

On a warm and fine day, I love to sit outside where any mess ends up on the grass rather than our flooring. Otherwise I'll move around the home picking the brightest spots and most comfortable seats where I can get busy. Find out more about me and some of my favorite crafts below.

My oak buffet and hutch is a neat way to store some of my craft stash. It's filled with papers, stickers, glues, embellishments, pens, beads and more. I try and keep my craft storage neat on the inside by using lots of tubs and boxes to separate items out. Even more craft storage in a fabric covered bookcase. The box files at the bottom hold patterned papers and card sorted by colors.

Some of the Crafts I Love

Perler beading is fast, fun and easy and very addictive. It's a craft that can be enjoyed by adults and kids and I love the fact that you can make lots of cool little items to use as small gifts, favors, stocking stuffers and even home decor.

I'm slightly obsessed with these tiny beads and I enjoy sorting them into different themed tubs such as a sunshine tub which holds all my yellow and orange beads, Valentine tub for reds and pinks, goth tub for blacks and grays ... If you start this, you might quickly get hooked too.

Felt plushies are a lot of fun to make and I have a lot of fun making cupcake themed items like one which I made into a cupcake pin brooch.

Paper is a biggie for me. I reckon I have enough craft papers to see me through a lifetime that would take me over a 3 figure number, I wish. I love papercrafts with a passion: card making, paper tole art, origami, decoupage, rubber stamping, paper punching and even a little bit of scrapbooking. Just give me a sheet of paper please.

Origami is not something I will ever be a master at but I really love working with paper. There is a folded envelope with a heart design that I loved to make.

Paper Tole art is a slow craft that I enjoy on quiet days. It is good for those who love fine cutting and layering.

Hand sewing is one of my very earliest crafts. My Mom taught me to sew and knit. While I no longer knit due to health issues with my hands, I can still enjoy hand sewing so long as I don't spend too long at it in one go.

I'm the first to admit that I'm pretty rubbish at following sewing patterns and I can't run up anything useful like clothes on the sewing machine. But I can and do love to make small little felt plush items such as cute cupcakes and little felt houses. These are all mostly decorative but a joy to stitch.

I taught myself to crochet when I hit my 40's. A reminder that it is never too late to learn a new skill in life. Crochet is now one of my favorite crafts.

I keep a large stash of cute patterned fabrics, colored acrylic felt sheets, scrapbook papers and buttons because these are all the items that I use the most in my crafting through the year. I really do not like wanting to get on and make something only to find that I have nothing to use. So I make sure to keep plenty of my favorites in stock.

Fantasy Crafting is Fun

This birthday card is based on the Hobbit home of Bilbo Baggins. I really liked making the white picket fence part which opens up to reveal the door. I also made a Perler bead project based on the round door belonging to the Tolkien Bag End home. The middle door knob is a pearl brad.

Felt plush items are fun to sew and one was inspired by a fairy home. It is a tree house instead of a hole in the side of a hill.

I'm mad on fantasy. I just love J.R.R. Tolkien and all the creatures he brought to life with his big imagination. I share the same love of life, passion for food and distaste for adventure.

You can use your crafting to show off specific books, movies or topics that you love too. Please feel free to leave me a comment below on what crafts you love.

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