Make a Cute Heart Banner from Felt

Making a small heart banner or garland from felt to hang in the home as cute Valentine or party decor can be quite quick and easy with no-sew options available too if stitching isn't your thing. I made a quick DIY version to hang across my daughter's fireplace to match in with the scheme of her room.

With patterned felts now much more widely available, you can mix and match plain and patterned versions of this great no-fray fabric to look fun and funky. I choose a pink polka dot to work with a darker shade of raspberry pink.

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All you need to make this design are two different colors and or patterns of felt sheeting, some twine or ribbon to stick each heart to and some buttons for decoration.

Instead of sewing, you can use a glue gun to stick all the separate pieces together which is a quick option. Alternatively, you can stitch them, it is whatever you prefer. I definitely find it easier to use a glue gun to attach the heart shapes onto the twine or ribbon and that is much faster than having to sew.

Felt is good to use since the edges do not fray which means that it cuts down on the work that you need to do in order to get a neat finish. I buy this in sheet form from many places online including Amazon, eBay and also Etsy when I want some that is a little more unique in terms of color, style or quality.

You can make a small version in as little as an hour of time, especially if you are opting not to sew, which makes it a quick way to decorate a length of wall or area. I hope you enjoy learning how to make this easy banner or bunting to string up. Thanks for your visit. Have fun making some cool homemade banners and garlands.

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