Easily Fold a Paper Dress

Folded paper dresses are really cute spring and summertime craft projects and they look great used as embellishments on the front of handmade cards as well as being lots of fun to fold. I love to make these from sheets of pretty patterned origami or scrapbook papers and then adorn them further with bits of lace, fabric, ribbons and rhinestones.

Origami dress designs make some really super cute paper folding projects which are just perfect for girly, handmade cards and also help to indulge a love of paper dolls too. My daughter and I have so much fun making pretty paper dresses.

The fun doesn't stop when you've finished crafting either. We love to decorate these pieces of paper clothing with tiny and small decorative buttons, ribbon bows, glitter, ribbon and lace to really make them look even more unique.

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I have a really clear step by step tutorial below with clear photos and the steps are broken down into 7 areas so you can easily follow along.

Click Here to Learn to Fold Your Own Paper Dresses with My Tutorial

There are many different ways to make dresses from paper but I happen to prefer this design because it has a great shape and a big pleat at the front which you can easily pop lace or fabric inside of, you'll see an example of that when you visit my page.

These are ideal to make as a spring or summer craft but I also love them for weddings too. Try a white paper with a pearl sheen on one side.

Add on some white lace to trim the skirt and some clear flat-backed rhinestones for button detail and you have a beautiful wedding dress embellishment for a handmade card.

These pretty designs are really perfect to use on your handmade card projects as well as other papercrafts too. Here are some ideas and inspiration to get you started on how to work these into your crafts.

Ideas and Inspiration on Using Paper Folded Dresses

Here's some ideas for how you can use these on your handmade card craft projects but of course you can also use them for scrapbooks too and they make cute little banners when strung up on a length of twine for a party or occasion.

For Weddings: fold a traditional look white or cream dress for a really cute, handmade wedding, engagement, save the date or bridal shower card. Opt for fancy vellum paper or something with a lacy look design.

You're Fabulous Boost for a Friend: this makes a brilliant idea for a close friend or someone who really needs a bit of a confidence boost. Remind them how fab they are with a stylish look card and great message like You're Fab or You Totally Rock.

For Mother's Day: a sweet little dress themed design is just perfect for Mother’s Day and for general cards to gift to females.

Teacher Appreciation: make a school dress design as a teacher appreciation card.

New Baby Girl: an adorable little girl's outfit would be perfect as a new baby girl card, baby shower or a Christening card. Pale colors of paper like blush pink or butter yellow would work well for this.

Fashionable Young Lady: many little girls would like to receive a cute card with a more fashionable look garment on the front for a birthday. Choose a funky looking patterned paper.

Milestone Age: a paper evening gown would be gorgeous for a milestone age like 30, 40 or 50. Use posh looking papers like ones with a metallic or pearl sheen.

There are so many occasions where these would make really fun and fabulous crafts. I hope you give them a try. You can learn how to make a dress up with a photo tutorial or by watching a video. Let me know how you get if you like by leaving a comment.

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