Easy Felt Cupcakes to Make

Mmm, cupcakes again. You can't keep me away from sweet themed crafts like these for long. These small little cakes are so much fun to make with some very easy no-sew options available too. You'll find a selection of tutorials over on my themed pincushion page but they can be used as home decor and even faux fabric food too.

One of my favorite crafting themes is cupcakes. Like many people, I have a bit of an addiction to these delightful little and delicately frosted cakes and this also tends to spill over into things I like to make as well. These yummy creations are fun to craft from paper, from yarn, from beads and also to sew.

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Cupcakes look great out on display as home decor with 3D versions that fit in paper or plastic cases to emulate the real thing as well as stuffed versions like the one in the photo that you can hang up with a loop of ribbon or enlarge for a shaped squishy pillow.

If you don't fancy sewing then you can even make them using rolled pieces of fabric and a glue gun. Enjoy making your calorie free cakes.

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Thankfully, you don’t need to be an expert at sewing to make up a cute little cupcake design from felt. Felt is very easy to stitch together (either by hand or with a sewing machine) since it doesn't fray at the edges like many other fabrics tend to do. This makes it a brilliant material to create with and you can get really creative with it.

I couldn't resist coming up with a small little felt cupcake design which comes with a free, printable pattern to use. The suggested design is to use the tutorial and pattern to make a small pin brooch cupcake.

Use whatever hand stitch(es) you enjoy to make a soft padded, plush little cake design that comes complete with a delicious felt frosting or icing in two yummy colors and some cute button embellishment detail. If you don’t want to make a pin brooch, you can easily alter the pattern to make a keychain or keyring instead,  a hanging ornament for Christmas or enlarge the pattern to make a little plush decorative cushion or pillow.

These designs look good in a variety of colors and styles. I made a powder blue one which uses patterned fabric on the front (if you use fabric, then a stitch like blanket stitch around the edges of any fabric is advisable to help prevent them from fraying) and beading.

I tend to use quite a bit of embroidery and also blanket stitch but if you stick to a plain running stitch, you can make a whole batch of these in just one day. I'd always advise using stitches that you are most comfortable with too. Why make it hard on yourself when you can stick with the sewing you already know.

So there are a number of ways in which you can decorate these sweet treats with your choice of felts, fabrics, stitches and decorations to really make them your own and give them your own unique look.

Another idea is to make one of these felt designs up as a sweet birthday gift idea and present it along with a matching cupcake card project for which you also get a free template.

Can you tell how much I love these adorable little cakes? As I love paper crafting as much as felt work, I often end up making matching projects for the two mediums combined. I love how you can combine both for a gorgeous little birthday surprise.

These little felt confections make wonderful gifts of course for Christmas and birthdays but also as themed, handmade party or even wedding favors and gifts too. Once you get the hang of making these, they are actually quite fast to sew together.

If you've never sewn with felt before, it is very easy to get started. Grab a selection of colored acrylic craft felt sheets, some embroidery floss or sewing threads (you can use plain sewing threads but I don't think they look as nice as embroidery ones) and a sharp needle or two.

Water soluble fabric pens are perfect to use to draw around pattern templates onto fabric and felt. For me, this tool is pretty much a necessity. You can dab the blue mark it leaves off with a bit of water on a cloth after you've finished your design. Have fun with your project, how about making one in pastel colors for Springtime or Easter?

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