Free Toadstool Printables

This freebie is a complete stationery and gift tag set based on a cute stitched mushroom or toadstool fairy house.

The set provides you with printables for an unlined notecard, gift tags and embellishments that you can use on handmade cards and in your paper crafts as well as some matching paper ribbon wraps for making up coordinating stationery gift sets.

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Grab Your Free Toadstool Printables over on my Mushroom Stationery Page

As well as making fun stationery and flat notecard designs with this set, I also enjoy using the scalloped edged embellishments for the center of greeting card designs as well as for gift tags.

You can see how well the design looks with polka dot patterns which you can use for gift wrapping and then add in the tags on top.

This design was actually based on fairy toadstools that I sew and I might show how those are made if the design proves to be popular. I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit.

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