How to Make Cute Cupcake Cards

Hey, it's freebie time again with a free template and tutorial on making cupcake shaped cards. These are one of my all time favorites to make because they are easy and fun - I mean what's not to enjoy about decorating your very own fat-free yet delicious cupcake!

This is a design that I've used multiple times for birthdays over the years and they always delight. Now I'm sharing my own template with you so you can easily make the same version in your own cardmaking time.

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Free Template and Tutorial on Making Cupcake Shaped Cards

There are so many ways you can decorate these handmade cards - I suggest thinking about your very own favorite flavors of the real versions of these sweet treats to come up with ideas on colors, patterns and trimmings so you can really make yours to be extremely unique.

Cupcake cards are great for birthdays, who doesn't like these sweet treats - seriously! You can pop a candle decoration and a number onto your card for special age birthdays or use fabric flower decorations like toppers in place of a strawberry or cherry motif.

The template I use comes in separate parts. You've got the main section for the shaped card then 2 templates for the frosting. This makes it super easy to layer up separate colors for the base of your cake and for the frosting. It makes for a very swirly and girly handmade greeting card design.

You can also use just the front of the template to make gift tags though you might want to reduce the size down by quite a lot before printing the template off for this particular purpose otherwise your tags will be too large. Or draw out your own custom design instead.

I often want a suitable saying or sentiment to go along with a card or a hand crafted project. Below is a collection of sayings amassed over the years which you might find very handy too.

Lots of Sweet Cupcake Quotations Ideal for Card Sentiments

Crafts are always better when they contain your own personal bit of flair instead of sticking to other people's ideas. Make it your own and make it special! I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit. Have fun, hope you enjoyed this slice of sweetness today!

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