Make a Beaded Birthday Cake Embellishment

Small birthday cake designs made from fused Perler or Hama beads make ideal embellishments for handmade cards and other paper crafts especially such as cute gift tags and more.

I enjoy making this easy pattern (ideal for beginners) in a range of pastel colors and last year I made a whole batch and turned them into magnets to make quick and inexpensive party favors.

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See How to Make Your Own Beaded Birthday Cakes Here (content currently being moved)

Here's some ideas for what you can do with your completed designs:
  • Stick them onto the front of a handmade card as the main embellishment for a cute birthday greeting
  • Attach to a popsicle or lollipop stick for a DIY cupcake or cake topper
  • Pop an adhesive magnet on the back to make a decoration for the refrigerator or to use as favors
  • Add a chain to make this into a fun necklace
  • Use it to decorate a wrapped gift by sticking it onto a gift tag
  • Turn it into a pin badge with the addition of a clasp at the back
  • Work a larger square pattern around it to make a fun fused bead coaster or decoration
  • Hang a loop of cord from the design to make a hanging decoration for a tree or to use as decor in the home

If you've never worked with Perler or Hama beads then this is a fun project to get you started because it's very easy and the cake design is one that can be applied to birthdays and celebrations through the year.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit. Come back soon for more adult crafting fun :)

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