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I'd love to have my own craft room but with living in a small town house where every room is needed that is just not going to happen wish as I might. Having been a compulsive crafter since childhood, storage has always been an issue with everywhere I've lived, until now.

When we re-did our dining room, we started from scratch and deliberately choose big, big pieces of furniture with lots of cupboards, drawers and shelves so I could have all my craft tools, equipment and materials in the same shared room space.

Until recently, I had to put up with having my craft stash spread really anywhere it would fit in the home. I had it in rolling carts, plastic drawers, under-bed storage, on the top of wardrobes, it was literally stuffed all over the home. What a pain that was when I needed to find something.

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The great thing is that no-one walking into our dining room would ever guess at what is hidden in there. No craft items are on show, they are all hidden in the wooden storage units that we choose - behind covered book-shelving units, inside huge drawers and cupboards.

Our room can easily be used as a formal dining room and it doubles up as a craft room too with the large, extending table coming in very handy with a protective cover over to craft on.

You Can Read About and See Our Dining Room Shared Craft Space Here

We were lucky to find big pieces of oak furniture to hold everything otherwise our second choice would be to have built-in furniture customized for the room.

It's not impossible to have a shared craft space work well for you. It just needs a bit of thought and planning on what you really need. I hope seeing how our room works will inspire you.

Storing Craft Supplies in Home Furniture:

One thing that so many fellow crafters love to look at and even be just a little bit nosy with, is craft storage. I love seeing how other people manage to organize their growing stash and supplies.

Since I am heavily into so many crafts (drawing, painting, sewing, embroidery, felt work and also many paper crafts like origami and card-making) our house is literally full of equipment and items that I have collected over many, many years.

I'd really love a craft room of my own but we live in a small town house and currently don't have enough rooms for that luxury; so my craft items have to be stored in with our main living and dining space.

The bulk of my craft storage is currently in the form of a large Welsh dresser which you might call a buffet and hutch. Some people covet Welsh dressers for their table linens and decor whereas mine is stuffed full with beads, stickers, papers, felt, fabric, glues and so many other craft necessities.

It wasn't always this way. In fact, we only managed to save enough money to buy the oak dresser I wanted very recently.

Before this point I had a really ridiculous amount of plastic drawers all untidily stacked up on top of each other and holding as much as they could. So things have definitely improved on the storage front. For a start, it looks a whole lot neater than it used to.

Aside from my large dresser, we also bought a matching oak coffee table with two very deep drawers. One drawer is used to hold all my ribbons and cords which are much easier to find now they are all in the same place. They used to occupy three narrow plastic drawers and it could be a real nuisance to try and find the exact ribbon I needed.

My sewing box is a traditional one that my parents bought me when I was in my teens and, even though it is scuffed now and shows signs of wear, I would never part with it since it is highly sentimental to me. My parents always supported my craft ventures and still do.

The sewing box also houses my knitting needles which I can no longer use because of my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; some of the needles I have belonged to my Grandmother who I never met. They are items that I hold very dear and cherish, even though I cannot use them any longer.

I guess it would be a fair thing to say that my supplies and my stash seem to occupy the very bulk of our living space. Thankfully my long suffering husband has never minded. You can let me know how you store your items if you wish in the comments below.

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