Storage Ideas for Your Stickers

Our recent investment in oak dining room furniture for my shared craft room means that all my stickers are now held in a selection of drawers. The image above shows one which contains all my peel-off stickers.

I've had lots of different types of storage over the years to hold parts of my craft stash and today I'm going to give ideas on how you can best store your own paper crafting and scrapbook stickers. Get your craft items organized so you have more time for crafting.

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Ideas on Storing Your Stickers:

Mobile Scrap Storage to Organize and Keep Stickers Clean

A zipper binder system is ideal if you need a much more portable and mobile solution. Clear pockets in a zipper binder allow you to separate out what you have, easily see it all as you flick through and keeps everything flat and clean.

Using divider tabs means you can quickly flick through to specific sections where you might keep stickers on a particular season or Holiday or by a color or another style. This is a great system for organizing and one I use myself to store all my card templates that I've amassed over the years.

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Quick Way to See What You Have

A rotating storage rack design comes with clips so you can quickly attach and detach sheets and bagged embellishments which is a great solution if you have a good amount of desk or shelf space where you can place them.

The clip system is quick to use and because this style of organizer will swivel round, it helps you to see what's available for your project. This would be my number one choice if I had my own craft room and a large enough desk space.

Free Up Desk or Table Space to Work at 

Swinging wall mounted arms utilize a bare section of wall and leave your desk or table free and uncluttered to work at. They are a great option if you craft in a room where you are free to make adjustments to the decor.

This offers almost as good a solution as the rotating rack mentioned above in terms of seeing what stickers or embellishments you have for scrapbooking and paper projects. And the bonus is in freeing up space so your crafting desk or table stays tidy.

Have Handy Separate Drawer Compartments

Rolling drawer carts and organizers can take up a bit of floor space but what you lose with that you can gain in the height of the available storage and in having separate drawers where you can place different types of stickers.

I used to rely on these drawer organizers a lot and I loved being able to separate my stash out i.e. peel-offs one drawer, 3D in another, rub-ons in the next etc. which helps to keep them clean as well as sorted into easy to find sections. Being on wheels means you can move the drawers near you while you craft.

Large Box Storage Great for Shelf Stacking

If you want all your stickers in one place that you can rummage through and then close up and stack somewhere once done, consider a large embellishment box. These are often inexpensive options and can keep everything in one place.

The downsides are that it can be harder to find what you want if you have lots of stash to hunt through but you can keep these boxes stacked neatly on shelves or even the floor to keep your table or desk space free.

That should give you a good range of ideas on how best to store those sticky embellishments depending on your particular needs as a crafter. I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit. I'll be back very soon.

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