Easy Rainbow Loom Bracelets with Beads Tutorial

Beaded bracelet designs made with colorful rubber bands

Beaded rubber band bracelets look pretty cute for kids and adults to wear, especially for the summer season, and they also look like they are difficult and challenging to make. They're actually quite easy to make once you know how it is done. I've chosen a simple but effective Rainbow Loom bracelets with beads pattern design to get you started.

Apart from some beads and some of the stretchy colorful bands, you'll just need 2 pegs on any loom board. This means that you can use the mini MonsterTail, the standard Rainbow loom board or even just two prongs on a fork or a couple of pencils.

The easy version of making this beaded design is to use the same color of bands through the whole pattern and just change the color of the beads instead. I'm showing you how to make two alternating colors with this step by step photo tutorial but you can choose the look you want. Either way, these finished bracelets look really cool.

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The Easy Rainbow Loom Bracelets with Beads Photo Tutorial with Detailed Instructions

Materials and Tools:
  • 48 Rainbow loom rubber bands in 2 colors - 24 of each color
  • 19 Fused Perler Beads (you can get equivalent Hama beads at amazon.uk) or try larger pony beads instead
  • A hook, optional
  • A C clip or S clip to close off and secure the bracelet ends
  • Any loom board: Rainbow or the Monster Tail loom

Stretchy rubber bands, loom boards, colorful beads and hook

Step 1: This photo gives you an idea of what you will need for this easy beaded rubber band bracelet pattern. Any loom board will do so long as it has 2 pegs. Use 2 outer ones on a standard Rainbow loom. Then you need some bands and some beads.

Perler Beads 6,000 Count Bucket-Multi MixHama Beads and Pegboards in Tub (Yellow)

I'm using the regular size Perler beads as listed in the materials above, you can use Hama or similar, because these work well with the bands and have a wide enough hole or opening for the bands to slip through.

You can also try the larger style Pony Beads (also at amazon.co.uk) which will give a different look with more prominent beading, you might need to put less on with those. Whatever beads you use, be aware that the opening or hole needs to be wide enough to push the bands through.

I've gone with a total of 48 bands for this design. This is enough to fit a very petite adult wrist or a child's wrist. You might need to adjust for more or less depending on how small or big the bracelet with beads needs to be.

Demonstration of the first placement of the bands

Step 2: You need to work the first 4-6 bands without adding any beads in to keep the finished design nice and neat. I've tried and tested a number of combinations and that's my opinion. I'm using 2 different colors of rubber bands for this tutorial but you could use just one color if you want to keep it even easier.

Monster Tail Mini Loom BraceletRainbow loom Official Monster Tail

If you are using the MonsterTail: you need to use the middle 2 pegs - you can see this mini board at the bottom of the photo above. The bracelet will form on the outside.

If you are using a Rainbow or similar loom: you need to use two end or side pegs. My photos show this at the top of each picture. The bracelet will form through the middle.

Your first move is to place a band (let's call this color A) into a figure of 8 shape over the 2 pegs. You make this figure of 8 shape by placing one end of the band across one peg, twisting it in the middle and then stretching it over the second peg.

Placement of the second stage of this tutorial

Step 3: Using the same color band (Color A) stretch this one straight over the same two pegs. There is no twist here, just place it over from one peg to another.

Changing the color of the band across the pegs

Step 4: If you want to change to a different color choice of band, this is where you do it. Otherwise just use the same shade throughout the whole pattern. With your next band (Color B) just stretch it straight over the top of the two pegs. You now have a total of 3 bands on the loom.

Photo shows how the bands are moved over the pegs into the middle of the board

Step 5: If you have a hook like the official Rainbow Loom Hook, you may want to use it here since it can be easier than fingers.

Get hold of the very bottom band (Color A) on the outside edge of one of the pegs and stretch it up and over the other two bands, over the top of the peg and into the middle section between the pegs. This is indicated in the photo above.

You need to repeat this with the bottom band on the other peg. When you've done this, you'll have one band sitting in the middle and two bands left on the pegs.

Placement of the next band on the board

Step 6: With Color B (if you're alternating your colors) stretch it over the two pegs. You now have 3 bands over the pegs.

Image shows how to work the next part of this pattern

Step 7: Get hold of the bottom band (Color A) on one of the pegs and stretch it up and over the other rubber bands, over the top of the peg and into the middle section between the two pegs - this movement is indicated in the photo above. You need to repeat this same movement with the bottom band on the second peg.

Now repeat steps 6 and 7 two times more with a rubber band in Color A. Now you've got a total of six bands worked into the pattern which makes it long enough for you to start working some beads into the design.

Lots of different perler bead colors and how they fit onto rubber bands

Step 8: Now comes the fun part. You can choose to add beads on the bands as you go along but I prefer to add them onto bands first and make a pile to work from.

You'll notice with the Perler beads that the rubber bands only just fit through the opening. It helps to pinch one end of a band before squeezing it through the hole and pushing the bead into the middle. Actually, since it is a snug fit, the beads don't easily fall off again which is a bonus. I really like using glitter beads because they look pretty but there are lots of kinds of Perler Beads to choose from.

Placement of beads into the loom board

Step 9: Choose a band in Color B (if your alternating the rubber band colors) and pop a bead on if you haven't already. Move the bead into the middle and stretch one end over one of the pegs and the other end over the other.

You just need to take care that the Perler bead doesn't get pushed off in the process - and for bigger hands and fingers, this can be fiddly.

How to add the beads into the bracelet pattern

Step 10: Now get hold of the band right at the bottom of one of the pegs (Color A) and stretch it up and over the other two bands and over the top of the peg. Place it next to the side of the bead in the middle as indicated in the photo above.

Repeat the process with the band on the very bottom of the opposite peg and pull that over the other two bands and the top of the peg to sit it next to the Perler bead. This will make an edging on either side of the beads when your bracelet is finished.

Continuing to work the bracelet design

Step 11: Choose a band in Color B (do not put a bead on this one) and stretch this over the two pegs. Now you have 3 bands stretched over the pegs.

Now repeat steps 9 to 11, following the pattern with your choice of colors, until you have approximately 19 beads added to your bracelet. As mentioned previously, you might want to adjust this depending on the size of your own wrist.

Next add on another 4-6 bands without any beads but working to the same pattern. The pattern is in steps 6 and 7 if you are having trouble remembering it.

Rainbow loom bracelet with bead design in black, white, green and summer blue

Step 12: Now you just repeat step 7 which is essentially just hooking over the bottom band over the other bands (you don't add on any new bands at this point) until you have just one rubber band left stretched over the loom.

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You now need a clip to secure the ends of your bracelet design. You can use a C clip or an S clip. Slip the clip through the band stretched over one of the pegs and, once on the clip, remove the band from the peg. Now attach the clip to the band on the opposite peg.

You can now remove your bracelet from the loom. Hook the other end of the bracelet into the clip. I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit. Enjoy your new fun piece of jewelry to wear.

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