Frogs in the Garden Yet No Pond

Frog resting beside some stones

I was pretty surprised to find not one but two frogs in our back garden this week. At first, I thought I was seeing double. One was sheltering in the shade between many plant pots and I was careful not to disturb it. The other one gave me a slight fright when I tipped the bird bath water out and it made a sudden jump in the long grass below where the water splashed.

The reason why I was surprised was because we don't have a garden pond. There used to be pond next door and perhaps that is the reason why they were there. I know these amphibians can come back to the same ponds, so it is a bit of a shame when they no longer exist.

We have a couple of bird baths but I think they are both a little on the high side for easy access to hop into so I put some shallow bowls out and filled them with water and rocks to make it easy for these little guys to use.

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Frog design statue in the shallow bird bath

Was our Frog Themed Birdbath a Good Luck Charm?

We've got two bird baths: one on a tall pedestal which the pigeons particularly love to bathe in and one balanced on an upturned plant pot which attracts smaller birds who come and drink and also wash their feathers in it. Perhaps the frogs were initially attracted to the bird baths and came wandering into the garden.

Funnily enough the smaller bird bath pictured above has a frog statue placed right in the middle of it. It was a small but heavy stone statue that had been left over by the previous owners and was completely covered in moss.

I cleaned the frog statue up earlier this year and added it into the bath. There are also some stones in there which are better for smaller birds who prefer shallower pools of water to drink from and bathe in. Now I'm wondering if the frog statue acted like some kind of good luck charm to attract our newest wildlife members!

Green and brown frog sat on a grey garden rock or stone

I don't know how long they will stay in our back garden. I'm tempted to have a go at building a "Toad Home" now which is a place where amphibians can take cover and shelter during the winter months. 

Apparently you can make one from a plant pot which is something that we have rather a lot of. Perhaps I will give that one a try. For now, I hope they enjoy their new home.

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