Purple Rose Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Purple rose flower blooms

Receiving a bouquet of flowers can be both lovely and exciting, whether they were given for your birthday, wedding anniversary or another occasion such as Valentine's Day.

When you receive a bouquet containing purple roses, it can evoke strong feelings of happiness, excitement and joy. Purple blooms come in all kinds of beautiful shades and hues such as lilac, lavender, magenta, violet and plum.

If you don't already know what the significance of purple means, it can further add to that sense of pleasure and happiness when you investigate and find out. Wouldn't you want to know what this colour of rose flowers symbolizes if you receive them? Most people do! Read on to find out.

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Are Purple Roses Real?

Many people question whether purple roses are real or natural. A really deep purple did not used to exist naturally but you can now buy shrubs which are quite dark. There are now many different hues and shades in this colour, such as pale lilac and lavender too.

This colour of rose is actually a hybrid which has been created by careful and clever breeding of a European variety with certain types which came originally all the way from China in order to obtain the color. These so-called purple roses first made an appearance sometime in the 1800s.

Meaning and Significance of Different Purple Colour Shades

The meaning of this purple colour changes depending on the actual hue or shade of the flower. As a colour it often stands for love, royalty and mysticism too. Usually when a person gifts a bunch or bouquet of these, it symbolizes elegance, style and also love.

But let's discover what actual meanings and significance there is when you receive this slightly more unusual flower for Valentine's Day or another special occasion:

If they are light in their shade or hue, then they indicate and show that the sender has fallen in love with the recipient at first sight. This pale and delicate shade indicates a true and instinctive love.

Roses in bloom with a pale lilac colouration

Receiving lavender roses can mean a more mystical type of love and enchantment. Are you enchanted and entranced by the person that you want to send these flowers to? Lavender roses without any thorns on the stems are especially said to symbolize falling in love at first sight.

Darker or royalty shades, on the other hand, have a meaning of deep and profound romance and a love that lasts for a truly long time, if not eternally. A rich, deep purple stands for ever-lasting and enduring love. 

Dark purple is perfect for long-term relationships that have gone through ups and downs and yet have still withstood the test of time and are going strong. This makes them ideal for wedding anniversaries for long-term married couples.

Often when a couple pass their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, they can give each other or even receive purple roses to mark this eternal and lasting love. Usually these are meant to be given at intimate moments of a relationship, such as celebrating a special event or in crossing a special milestone in the relationship.

How Many of these Flowers Should You Gift?

When you gift someone with a single rose flower, it means that you love the person's simplicity. If this is in full bloom, and not a rosebud, it has the additional meaning that you also love the recipient as well.

Be especially careful if you give two flowers that are intertwined because you are indicating to the recipient about an upcoming engagement! So do not give a pair of flowers presented in this way unless it is something that you actually intend.

By gifting an entire bouquet of purple coloured roses, you are demonstrating to the recipient that you are extremely grateful for having them as a part of your life.

No doubt that receiving this unique, beautiful and special colored flower can be a really memorable occasion. Depending on the shade or hue, you can come to a conclusion on what the giver is trying to convey to you. 

So have fun in understanding and discovering the meaning of these and, if you should ever be lucky enough to get them, you know what they are thought to mean and indicate. As long as the sender also understood that too, there will be no room for confusion.

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