Popsicle Card Tutorial and Free Template

It's Your Day, Just Chill! Summer popsicle card

A fun paper craft project ideal for birthdays is to create a novel popsicle shaped card which is ideal to give out at any time of year and especially in the warmer summer months. This fun photo tutorial will walk you through how to make up, decorate and embellish a cute shaped handmade card. It also provides a free template that you can use by saving it first to your own computer and then printing it off.

So, if you're stuck on a fun crafting activity or need something to do on a rainy day, come look at how you can make up this delicious, sweet iced treat. This is 'guaranteed' to be much better for you than the real thing.

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Materials and Tools Needed to Make this Popsicle Shaped Card

  • Popsicle shaped card template (one is provided on this page)
  • A card blank or some cardstock to Make Your Own
  • Some popsicle craft sticks (mine are 4.5 inches tall)
  • Summery themed paper to decorate
  • Chosen embellishment(s)
  • Glues/adhesive
  • And scissors

Paper craft crafting materials to make a handmade card design

Step 1: unless you want to draw out your own design or use a cutting machine to make a template for you, you'll need to print out the free template pattern provided here, further down, on this page. It's better to print this onto some cardstock if you can so you can trace around it.

Darice 9150-82 Wood Craft Colored Stick, 4-1/2-Inch, 120-Pack2 x 50 Lollipop Craft Sticks (Natural or Colored) (Coloured) by Ark

I found some fun colored popsicle sticks to use in hot summer shades as well as some scrapbook paper. I like the one with polka dots and iced treat designs on it which was perfect for this project.

Tracing around the template with a pencil

Step 2: you need a greetings card blank or you can fold or score and fold a piece of colored cardstock yourself to make your own. Unfold the greetings card and lay it face up on the table or the surface before you.

Now cut out the popsicle template which is the larger, outer section. You need to place the left side of this outer template up against the fold or crease running down the greetings card blank as shown. Now draw around it gently with a pencil.

Cutting out a shaped design from a cardboard template

Step 3: fold the greetings card blank back up and you should now be able to carefully cut around the pencil marks you drew to reveal the popsicle shape.

Do take care not to cut down the folded crease of the card blank. If you open it back up again when you’ve finished cutting around it with scissors, it should look a bit like the one in the photo above.

Patterned summer style paper

Step 4: now you can use the smaller template provided, the template inner, to draw around onto some patterned paper.

Echo Park Paper Company Summer Bliss Collection Scrapbooking KitEcho Park Paper Company Sweet Summertime Paper Pad, 6 x 6Carta Bella Paper Company Summer Lovin' Collection Kit for ScrapbookingCarta Bella Paper Company Beach Day Collection Kit

I found this really great summer scrapbook design which features polka dots and iced treats in bright shades. So draw around the template and cut this out. It's going on the front of the card.

Adding embellishments to the card

Step 5: the patterned paper will stick neatly on the front of the blank card front. I like to use double sided tape to stick down larger pieces of paper when making cards but you can use whatever type of adhesive you're used to.

I stuck one of my popsicle perler bead designs on the front. See the pattern tutorial by clicking on the link.

Dymo letratag is great for adding quick greetings

Dymo Machines at Amazon.com  |  Dymo Machines at Amazon.co.uk

Step 6: I really like my Dymo Letratag and find it useful not just for labeling things around the home but I also like to use it for adding short pieces of text and greetings onto handmade projects like this one. I like the fact that you can get lots of different colors of tape to choose from as well. It's handy when you want to say your own thing. I added in some text here on a metallic blue tape that reads: It's your day. Just chill!

Inside of a shaped greeting card

Step 7: you can glue the craft stick inside the almost finished card as shown or stick it right at the back - it's really down to personal preference. You can use some sticky glue dots, a little un-watered pva or a hot glue gun.

Free template to make an easy popsicle shaped handmade card

Step 8: here's the finished design which has had a piece of colored ribbon tied around the stick and a sticker design added on as well. Have fun deciding how you are going to embellish and decorate yours. Don't forget to print the template below.

Right-Click and Select Save Image As
To Save this Handy Template to Your Computer and Print

Free printable popsicle iced lolly shaped template pattern

The template comes with a few greeting suggestions and sentiments that you can use as well. You can use this design for scrapbooking and not just card making. Have fun creating some cool designs.

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