Adding Dimension to Handmade Paper Crafts

Something I really can't stand with crafting are flat projects because flat to me equals boring. When I first started to make cards as an adult crafter, I struggled to see why my cards did not look very interesting when compared with professional versions.

One very easy way to add dimension into your paper crafts is by using foam square adhesive pads. These are very inexpensive sticky pads that raise up embellishments and frames on your handmade cards, scrapbook layouts and other projects.

I realized that my first handmade cards had no dimension to them. They just looked really dull and not at all eye-catching to look at. That was back over 20 years ago and I now know that to easily bring a paper project to life, adding in some lift and dimension instantly makes it stand out more and just makes it much more interesting to actually look at.

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There are a number of different adhesives that you can use to add dimension to your paper crafts. The one I always recommend to beginners is 3D foam squares or pads because they are the most straightforward and easy to use.

Learn All About Foam Pads with 10 Different Ideas on How to Use Them Here

The card example of mine shown above uses a method called Paper Tole which is also known as 3D Decoupage. This is a topic which I will be going into further in future posts here on the CraftyMarie blog.

It is one craft that makes really great usage of the sticky foam pads which sit neatly and unseen between each layer of paper as you build them up in layers to make a dimensional card or picture.

Find My Beginner Paper Tole Tutorial Here on the Blog

Paper tole is a wonderful paper craft if you enjoy sitting patiently and working at a slower pace on craft projects. It is more of a slow and relaxed craft that you can enjoy. Y

ou can choose to cut out your own papers or buy special papier tole and decoupage die cuts which don't need any cutting. Personally, I prefer to cut and the more intricate the better.

Find Out What Equipment You Need

Viewing a dimensional project like this (it could be a framed picture, scrapbook layout, card or layered box design) means that it can be enjoyed from multiple angles. I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit.

If this post inspired you today then please visit some of the more in-depth pages here so you can get started with this type of craft.

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