Free Template for a Whimsical Bird

This CraftyMarie Freebie is a printable template that you can use to make your very own whimsical bird design for a paper craft or with felt and fabric. This is the same template design I've been using for years to create sweet birdie patterns.

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Grab the FREE Bird Template Here and See Finished Crafts Made with It Too

You'll see different examples on that page of how I use this same tweet birdy design. I mostly use this template to make handmade cards and also stuffed felt and fabric bird decorations.

For spring themed crafts try using shades of pale green and pink which work great with this pattern. Patterned scrapbook papers work well and you can layer those on top of each other and stitched them onto card using zig-zag stitch. To stop the design looking too flat, you can chalk the bird around the edges to make it 'pop' a little against the background.

Another idea I like to use with this template is to make little felt plush designs. Felt is easy to work with because the edges don't fray and you don't even need to sew pieces together which makes it ideal for no-sew crafting - simply glue instead.

I happen to love sewing when I get the time. This little birdy fella makes a neat little brooch by attaching a pin fastener at the back, a cute little plush toy or even a keychain if you sew in some ribbon attached to a small metal clip. If you enlarge the design, you could make some little bird plush pillows too.

More Ideas on Using this Free Bird Template:

  • Enlarge the printout to make a large motif to use as an appliqué for a pillow, bag or blanket
  • Make quick gift tags by punching a hole through the cut-out pattern and popping some twine or ribbon through
  • Draw around the design on fabric and use it as an embroidery pattern
  • Make a larger version in soft fabric as a cute plush pet to cuddle
  • Use as a stencil along with fabric paint to decorate clothing, canvas shoes or shopping bags
  • Make embellishments for handmade greeting cards with the bird design
  • Sew from felt or fabric and add a loop of ribbon for a sweet hanging decoration
  • Make into a scented sachet by adding dried flowers like lavender and use in drawers
  • Frame the finished paper pattern or fabric cutouts for some sweet home decor

Those should be enough ideas to get you started. Templates can be useful with so many different crafts and I'm sure you can think of your own unique ways in which a whimsical bird design will work wonderfully. I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit. See you back soon.

Visit for felt sewing crafts, tutorials, patterns, stitch guides techniques, help, ideas and more.

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