Lots of Cute Valentine Crafting Ideas

Whenever I craft for specific times of year like Valentine's Day, I always find it hard picking my way through so many kid crafts to get to things that I as an adult crafter want to make. So this year I put together a page full of some really great craft ideas and tutorials that us grown-up craft addicts can really enjoy.

Visit My Valentine Crafting for Adults Page for Lots of Great Tutorials

The crafts are not just my own so there is a very good variety there to enjoy and next year I'll be adding substantially more as well because there were some great ones I found by my fellow craft writers that I didn't get to showcase as much as I wanted.

Also on that page was a very quick poll so you can give me an idea of the type of crafts that you want to see more of. This is important when I come to expand on this topic next year so I hope you will just click to indicate what you prefer.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit. See you again soon!

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