101 Valentine's Day Crafts for Adults for 2019

WOW! I've just finished putting together this massive resource page filled with my favorite 101 Valentine's Day crafts for adults. After the hectic pace of the busy seasons before, I'm more than ready to sit down and enjoy some relaxed time for fun crafting.

Do you get sick, like I do, of finding great looking crafty ideas on sites like pinterest only to find that the page no longer exists or is on a page that has no actual tutorial or instructions? All 101 of these Valentine's Day crafts have been checked by me. They are absolutely the best Valentine crafts I found available at the start of 2019.

Crafting for this occasion comes at a great time of year. I stay indoors more so get more crafting done. Join me in beating those winter blues by making some crafts filled with lots of hearts and love instead. 101 of them to be exact!

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HUGE List of 101 Valentine's Day Crafts for Adults to Enjoy in 2019

Valentine's Day Craft Held in Adult Hand

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πŸ’– Free Valentine's Day Craft PRINTABLES to Use πŸ’–

1: Valentine's Day Crafts for Adults: Send Your Love with My Free Valentine Printables for Card Making and Scrapbooking

Sending my love Valentine handmade card in pink and green

If you're short on time making up some paper crafted designs for Valentine's Day including greeting cards, gift tags and more, you should like this free printable sheet which includes some cute mini envelope patterns for you.

The free printable Valentine design come in cute colors of blush pink, raspberry sorbet and a touch of spring green. You should love the sweet free printables which have mini love heart envelope embellishments and more for you to print out, cut around and stick on to a card or a paper craft project.

The designs have all been drawn to have the look of little envelopes with none of the fuss of having to fold them. Along with the free printables comes a tutorial to make a greeting card design similar to what you can see above. Valentine's Day paper crafts like this one are a lot of fun to make.

Once you've made your cards, you should also like the 25 Valentine Themed Sentiments for Cards Here that you can use to add in some fun and cute messages.

2: Print Out and Make Your Own Shaped Heart Boxes

Lee Hansen printable heart shaped boxes
One very crafty lady is Lee Hansen who makes lots of printable designs. She has created 3 very cute heart shaped boxes that you can print off and make yourself with a home printer.

The heart shaped boxes are easy to fold and make. Instructions are included on each pdf file. You get some hearts too that you can cut out for decoration.

When the boxes have been made up, you can use them to hold small gifts and treats inside such as chocolates or candy. I think they'd make pretty little wedding favor boxes as well.

String up the boxes with some ribbon to make cute little baskets. You could use my sugar cookie recipe to bake up some heart shaped cookies to place inside. Alternatively, fill them with small items such as love notes mini bath and beauty items, DIY Valentine coupons or candy.

I love to buy the plain paper mache heart boxes. These are sturdy shaped boxes which come as undecorated cardboard with lids provided. You can use decoupage and paper mache techniques to glue patterned paper over the top. Alternatively, you can cover them with paint or stickers instead. The boxes can then be filled with a Valentine treat for the one you love.

3: Vintage Style Valentine's Day Tickets

4: Heart Pattern Bookmarks to Print Out and Color

5: Creative Donut Boxes with Cute Messages to Print and Make

6: Vintage Hearts Collage Sheet

7: Floral Heart Printable Art

8: Free Printable Papers and Motifs from PapercraftInspirations

9: I Love You Deerly Designs

10: 5 Free Valentine's Day 8x10 Signs to Print

11: Romantic Scrapbook and Card Making Printables

12: Valentine's Day Photobooth Props to Print and Cut

13: Valentine's Day Chalkboard Printables

14: You are Just My Type Cards

15: Free Printable Love Quotes to Give Your Loved One

πŸ’– Valentine's Day Crafts for a Boyfriend, Partner or Husband πŸ’–

16: Enjoy this A Message in a Bottle Valentine Craft by A Pumpkin and a Princess

What a truly novel and romantic craft idea. You can now write a sweet love note for your special someone and present it in a fun glass bottle for a very unique craft idea. I adore the little paper heart sprinkles in different shades of pink.

If you happen to have your own heart shaped paper punch, you could cut out your own mini hearts to work alongside this craft idea. You could use a letter in a bottle design for a cool wedding favor or to pop on a party table as a cute centerpiece.

17: Get Some Ideas on Decorating Strawberries with Chocolate for an Adult Valentine Treat

Strawberries smothered in chocolate on top of a cake

For many people, the food of love is equal to strawberries. Strawberries are often used along with romantic themed occasions.

The strawberry is a juicy and luscious red berry and large enough for you to decorate in a variety of ways with chocolate toppings.

Strawberries and chocolate are a match made in heaven. Bliss. Get some easy and fun ideas on how you can quickly transform some plain, fresh fruits into tempting little treats for Valentine's Day.

18: Love You Always Wood Slat Sign

19: Hand Drawn Star Wars Valentine Images for Cards and Crafts

20: His and Hers Sharpie Mug Craft

21: How to Make Some Tin Love Lanterns

22: Free Valentine Love Coupon Book Printable

23: Love You Always Embroidery Hoop Craft Tutorial

24: Date in a Jar Craft Idea

25: 52 Reasons I Love You Craft Tutorial

26: Movie Night Date Crate Idea

27: Love You to the Moon and Back Free Printable

28: Make a DIY Love Sign

29: How to Carve Lasting Hearts in Pebbles and Sea Glass

πŸ’– Cute Valentine's Day PAPER Crafts πŸ’–

30: Fold Up Some Very Quick and Easy Paper Hearts

Paper folded heart shape craft

Paper hearts are fun to make. You can create larger ones then punch holes and thread string through for DIY ornaments or you can go small and make your own table sprinkles for a love theme occasion such as a wedding or Valentine party.

See How to Make My Easy and Quick Paper Folded Hearts Here

This tutorial is so easy to follow with the step by step format and photos to look at. Even my six year old could make them.

You can get some gorgeous scrapbook paper to use to make these. They look good stuck on to greeting cards and used as sweet little gift tags. You can also add the finished designs to a table for a romantic setting. Alternatively write something lovely on the back to give to your loved one.

31: Free Printable Valentine Fortune Teller to Print Out

Can you remember back in time and when you used these little paper fortune tellers to decide on whether someone was cute or not? These paper folded games were lots of fun to make up and play with.

No reason why adults should not get to enjoy them too. Design Mom has come up with a very sweet free printable Valentine fortune teller that you can enjoy. See it here.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 = U R GR8!

Once you've folded the paper design, choose a number. Then open the flap to see what fun message you have got printed inside. Use this free design or make up your own from scratch using it as inspiration. It could make a fun little game for a party.

32: Make Some Mini Heart Mailboxes to Gift Chocolate

33: How to Make Easy Paper Roses

34: Create a Romantic Paper Quilled Candle Holder

35: Make a Cute Woven Paper Heart Card

36: Different Ways to Make Paper Quilling Hearts

37: How to Make a Candy Hearts Shaker Card

38: Paper Heart Flower Tutorial

39: Paper Heart Decorations

40: Triple Heart Easel Card Craft Tutorial

41: Instructions to Make Tissue Paper Carnations

42: DIY Valentine Paper Garland

43: Easy Cupcake Wrapper paper Peonies

πŸ’– Sweet Valentine's Day FELT Crafts to Make πŸ’–

44: This Valentine Craft Makes a Quick DIY Felt Heart Garland to Put Up in Your Home

Pink felt hearts with button middles on a garland

Felt is a great fabric to work with and especially when you need to make things in a hurry. Here's my tutorial to make a quick little garland using hearts cut out from felt.

To make it even quicker and easier for you, there is a free printable heart shape template included on the page. Add in some cord or twine and some colorful buttons to make your own design look unique.

Felt is a fun and easy fabric to use. It isn't normally associated with adult crafting but it is definitely great for that purpose and especially when mixed with other fabrics. 

I wanted a quick and easy heart shaped garland to hang up in my daughter's bedroom for February 14th celebrations. She loved it so much that it ended up staying all year. I made mine in shades of pink to suit where it was going but you can make yours in a very different color scheme. You don't have to stick to obvious Valentine color schemes either.

My daughter and I really love the color pink, so we tend to use that quite a lot in our crafting sessions and it is a great choice for a Valentine's theme. Why not experiment with some very different color combinations such as blue and purple hearts for more of a winter look or black and white for a very adult and classic combination which has style.

45: Sew Up Some Little Plush Felt Hearts with Felt and Fabric

Felt and fabric heart being hand sewn stitched

This is my step by step tutorial on hand stitching some small plush felt hearts using felt, fabric, toy stuffing and my all time favorite blanket stitch. There is a free printable heart shape template provided to help you which should make you complete the project even faster.

You can easily see that these little felt hearts have been made with love. Since they are designed to be small, you can use up whatever cute felt and fabric scraps you have to make them with. They are very easy to sew by hand although there is nothing to stop you from using a sewing machine instead.

Make them into scented drawer liners by filling the insides with scented dried flowers such as lavender, they would be ideal for this. 

Mine were transformed into hanging ornaments with the addition of a loop of ribbon. I've hung my hearts from door knobs and drawers in the home. If you have a Valentine's Day tree, you could make these as ornaments to hang from one.

The plush felt hearts can also make cute Valentine's or even wedding party favors that can easily be added to party boxes and bags for guests to take away. Having a handmade item is even more special.

46: Make Some Fun Felt Conversation Hearts

47: Stitch Some Felt Valentine Envelopes

48: Felt Heart Chain Decoration

49: DIY Felt Roses Topiary

50: Easy Valentine's Day Felt Gift Bags

51: Felt and Fabric Heart Sachets

52: No Sew Felt Heart Pillow Instructions

53: Easy Felt Heart Bookmarks

54: How to Make Needle Felted Conversation Hearts

55: Make Felt Flower Tulips Tutorial

56: Stamped With Love Felt Pouches to Make

57: Felt Valentine Countdown Project

πŸ’– Heart Crafts for ADULTS πŸ’–

58: Make a Key to My Heart Perler Bead Craft to Give to a Loved One

Red and gold heart and key fused bead craft hama perler

Perler beads are are fun craft and one that is great for adults to try too. I loved making this key to my heart design which is made up using gold color, brown and red beads.

If you've never used these fused beads before, you work the pattern of beads across a peg board. It is pretty hard to go wrong when you are following someone else's design. You may find these beads listed as Perler beads or Hama beads depending where you live. They all operate in a very similar way.

Once all the Perler beads are in the right place, you position some special ironing paper on top and then iron over to fuse or melt the beads so they stick together and create a finished design.

When your key and heart craft project is finished, you can decide on the best way to present this completed craft to your Valentine. These designs can work on the front of a handmade Valentine's card or presented in a deep set photo frame to hang on a wall. I put mine in a sweet looking presentation box ready for gifting.
59: Amigurumi Free Crochet Heart Pattern

60: DIY Banner from Clay Hearts

61: Heart Shaped Copper Wire Photo Holders Tutorial

62: Paper Heart Shaped Wreath Tutorial

63: Crayon Heart Wall Art

64: How to Make Air Dry Clay Heart Bowls

65: Easy Paper Flower Heart Craft

66: Origami Paper Folded Heart Bookmarks

67: Sew a Sweetheart Apron

68: DIY Soy Heart Shape Candles

69: Applique a Heart Patch on Leggings

70: Crochet Pattern for a Heart Shaped Bowl

71: Make Some Upcycled Heart Handwarmers

πŸ’– Valentine's Day Homemade Crafts πŸ’–

72: Easy to Make Chocolate Dipped Heart Cookies

Adding sprinkles to melted chocolate on a heart shaped cookie

I don't like to spend too much time baking because I'd rather be crafting.

Cookies are generally pretty easy to make and these ones look very effective when finished but don't take too much time away from other things.

I used an easy sugar cookie recipe and melted some milk chocolate for decoration but you could use chocolate cookie dough and white chocolate for a very different look.

More Cookie Ideas for this Occasion Here

If cooking is not your thing, use a cookie mix instead of following the sugar cookie recipe. It is then very simple to make some melted chocolate and add on some rainbow sprinkles for effective and fast decorating of these sweet heart cookies.

Another alternative is to grab some pre-made heart shaped cookies from a grocery store so you only have to think about how to decorate them to give to someone special. They do so often say that the way to win (and keep) a heart is to use food as an incentive.
73: Sew Some Cute Heart Goody Bags

74: Free Fancy Heart Shape Cross Stitch Pattern

75: Strawberry Sugar Scrub Gift for Valentine's Day

76: Make Some Conversation Heart Chocolate Pretzels

77: DIY Yarn Wreath with Flowers

78: How to Make Pom Pom Love Hearts

79: Crazy Patch Quilting Heart Tutorial

80: Knitted Heart Coasters Pattern

81: Sweet Valentine Coffee Cozy Tutorial

82: Heart of Hope Dreamcatcher

83: You Will Forever be My Always Embroidery Hoop Art

84: How to Make a Fabric Swedish Heart

85: Instructions to Make a Valentine Fabric Envelope

86: Patchwork Heart Pillow How To

πŸ’–Best Valentine's Day Crafts for Adults πŸ’–

87: Adult Crafters Can Fold this Valentine's Day Origami Envelope with Heart Design

Heart design on a paper folded origami envelope

There are lots of heart themed origami patterns that you could have a go at but I really love this design in particular because you get to make a love letter style envelope.

If you use some double sided paper which has two contrasting colors to it, you'll easily see the pronounced heart shape on the front once you've made this design. I like to close these "love letters" up with some fancy ribbon to make them look extra special.

This project has only a set number of step by step instructions to follow. The photos provided with the tutorial will help you to make a beautifully romantic little envelope which you can add a love note into inside.

Whether you have a husband, boyfriend a child or even just a friend who is in need of a bit of goodness at this time of year, you can give them a lovely surprise by coming up with this fantastic looking paper craft for them.

Remember that taking the time to spend on someone really means so much more than just gifts that you can buy. Why not make a loved one's day super special by making them this heart shaped envelope to tell them how much you love them.

88: Fold Paper Roses Up for a Romantic Valentine Craft 

Roses, more than anything else, are the flowers of love and romance.

These flowers are a traditional item that many people choose to send to loved ones on Valentine's Day. They are used for many other romantic occasions too such as weddings and engagements.

Rose flowers are so beautiful to make as Valentine crafts. Use some pretty paper to make your own version of this wonderful flower using paper folding and origami techniques.

Origami is not too difficult to do and especially not if you have a good video tutorial to follow along with. How wonderful to present a bouquet of beautiful paper flowers that you've made for Valentine's Day.

89: Love Pillow to Make for the Home

90: Easy Sharpie Craft to Make Hearts on a Mug

91: Crochet Some Puffy Plush Hearts

92: How to Make Strawberry Fruit Roses Instructions

93: Smore's Valentine Mason Jar Craft

94: Make a Big Impact with a Massive Balloon Heart

95: Air Dry Clay Heart Ornaments

96: Twig Heart Decoration Instructions and Tutorial

97: Candy Filled Valentines to Make

98: How to Make Love Letter Cupcakes

99: Heart Quilt Block Tutorial

100: Sweet Sunburst Granny Hearts Crochet Pattern

101: Color Your Heart Out Valentine Crayons

It's clear that there are some really fantastic Valentine's Day crafts for adults to enjoy and participate in and I've spent hours personally looking for all of the very best ones that you can have a go at.

I hope you really enjoy the crafts I've shown you here today and get plenty of great ideas and inspiration for projects that you can do yourself.

Don't forget to pin or bookmark this page so you can come back to it again and again. With 101 brilliant crafts for Valentine's Day (all personally vetted by me) what other resource could you possibly need!
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