25 Spring Sentiments for Cards and Crafts

Spring themed crafts are my personal favorite so I thought you'd enjoy this set of adorable 25 spring sentiments for cards. These are short and sweet little quotations based on this season for your cards, crafts and scrapbooks. Often these short snippets can help to suggest ideas for your projects too.

If the weather stays fine, it's this time of year where I enjoy taking a tray to make and create outside. Messy crafts in particular are best done outdoors where paints and adhesives can dry quicker too. Enjoy using these short spring quotes for your cards and handmade projects.

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Spring Sentiments for Cards and Crafting: Short Quotes Ideal for Crafts

Baskets full of blessings to you

May you be showered with blessings

You and me were meant to BEE together

Thanks for BEE-ing such a good friend

A garden is a friend you can visit at any time

The sun shines brighter when I'm with you

Rain or shine, you're a friend of mine

Friendship blooms into the sweetest flower

A kind word is like sunshine on a spring day

Spring is when life is alive in everything

Plant kindness and grow love

Happy birthday, you spring chicken

Friends are the sunshine of life

Simply buzzing with good wishes

May your birthday be bright and beautiful

Plant smiles, grow laughs, harvest love

Have a honey of a day

You're blooming marvelous

Thank EWE so very much

Flowers feed the soul

You give me butterflies

Just buzzing by to say hi

Hand picked, just for you

Sow a little sunshine today

Stop and smell the flowers

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March into Spring with 6 Ideas for Your Crafting:

1) Bees are a popular choice for this season and their sunshine yellow color is ideal for that seasonal styling. It's easy to use bee themed sentiments and phrases for your crafting with the play on the word 'be' with bee happy, just bee-cause, bee-autiful and also with words like buzzing and honey.

2) Popular colors to use certainly include lots of lighter shades of fresh spring greens because this is the season of new life, rebirth and renewal. Green can work well with creams and sunshine yellows. It looks fabulous with pink. And also works well with shades of lilac. Highlights can be added with white. Think light, bright and fresh.

3) Flowers are an easy choice and they can be used as a main motif for a project or as simple additions. There are lots of ways to craft flowers from paper ones, fabric, felt, clay, yarn, buttons and other embellishments.

I really enjoy using my Flower Paper Punches because they provide an easy way for me to create pretty little paper flowers to use along with papercrafts. I like to cut them from different papers, layer them up and stick a craft brad through the middle.

4) Butterflies are a favorite theme that I love to use and are easy to incorporate into spring themed designs. I love the shape of these magnificent insects and you can make shaped cards, layouts, cushions, invites, toppers, tags, cakes, banners and more. If you love butterflies half as much as I do, you should also love the following:

5) I sat and watched a bird take a beak of stray rabbit fur from the garden today which it will undoubtedly use to line its nest with. Birds are another great theme for this time of year.

I like the idea of bird nest decor for the home and this works especially well with Easter too. You could use that to hold pastel colored eggs or painted pebbles.

6) The weather isn't always great and that's where the notion of April Showers comes in with the phrase April Showers bring May Flowers. Use that as some inspiration for a sweet umbrella craft.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit. Let me know about your spring ideas below, I'll be happy to hear from you.

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