Pretty Bird Rubber Stamps for Card Making

Using bird rubber stamps for making cards, scrapbooking and paper crafts

One theme that I tend to revisit again and again with my crafting, is that of birds. I am a keen backyard watcher of these charming creatures and from there I can get lots of inspiration and ideas from our charming feathered friends.

If you buy only just one very good quality rubber stamp that you like or a themed set even, you can really enjoy no end of hours sat paper crafting, making cards, doing scrapbooking and more. I really loved the design featured here in the photo above and it is one I keep coming back to for my cards and crafts because I love it so much. 

This one is of a European bird and the stamp is called Blue Tits on Summer Jasmine. You would probably find it hard to get hold of the exact same design although eBay would be a good bet. However, why not choose one based on what you love to look at. I hope you see something that you really love here today and I'll also give you tips on using a bird theme in your own crafting. So let's take a look.

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A Selection of My Favorite Current Bird Rubber Stamps

I have both wood mounted rubber stamps and clear ones but I tend to prefer the wood mounted variety because I'm just a bit impatient and they're ready to use as soon as you get them. Just tap an ink pad over the etched surface until it is nicely covered and then print onto smooth card or paper.

The main downside of a wood mounted version is that you cannot see where you are positioning the design as you can with a clear version and clear mount. However, if you tend to print onto a separate piece of card or paper and then cut out the image to use as I do, the positioning is not such an issue.

When buying designs, I look for rubber stamps that might lend themselves as a centerpiece design but you do need to check the size on the product page because many designs are smaller than you think.

Sing Like No One's Listening Inkadinkadoo Wood Stamp

Inkadinkado Wood Stamp Sing Like No Other Bird

Sing Like No-One's Listening Stamp at

UK Readers get Bird Rubber Stamps from

Sing Like No One's Listening! This is a delightful looking wooden stamp design with a songbird perched on top of a single sunflower. I adore sunflowers so that's why I picked this one out and it also makes for quite a beautiful looking spring or summer themed design.

Since it has a frame or border around the design as well as a quotation it could be ideal as a focal point for the front of a handmade card or a scrapbook page.

Hummingbird Wood Stamp by Inkadinkadoo

Inkadinkado Hummingbird Wood Stamp

Get this Hummingbird Wooden Stamp

UK Readers get Bird Rubber Stamps from

This pretty hummingbird design just makes me want to get my color pencils out and add to it right now. I love this fancy, swirling doodle inspired intricate pattern. This one looks beautiful for special occasion stationery, cards and gift tags too.

Inkadinkado Mounted Rubber Stamp DD-Branch With Birds 1.5Inkadinkado Mounted Rubber Stamp, 4.5 by 4.5-Inch, Hummingbird with FlowersHero Arts Woodblock Stamp, Newsprint BirdHampton Art Love Bird Cage Wood Rubber Stamp

Birds Clear Stamp Set

Inkadinkado Clear Stamps Patterned Birds and Bugs

Buy this Clear Stamps Bird Set from

UK Readers get Bird Rubber Stamps from

This is a set of clear stamps which features a number of pretty little designs including an owl. With clear stamps, you need an acrylic block for stamping in order to use them. The clear stamp will cling on to the block allowing you to position it and then press it down where you want the inked image to be.

If you have a large acrylic block, you can add in more than one design to it, perhaps adding in a quote, to make a larger piece of printed art.

Birds Make a Really Versatile Theme for Many Crafting Occasions

The time I tend to do most of my crafting on this theme is in the spring. Something about birds and the Spring season just goes hand in hand. I love the warmer and brighter color choices that work well such as the yellow here which I've added a hint of pink and orange to.

You don't need to do anything with a great quality rubber stamp except select an ink color and print it. A great design will speak for itself as a centerpiece in your crafting.
Spring bird blue tit songbird rubber stamped yellow handmade card

I used my paper cutting machine to cut out a scalloped frame that the design would work with and then used a favorite technique of using 3D foam squares to raise it up more prominently on the finished card.

I often prefer square card blanks for making greeting designs because they tend to work better with adding in centerpieces and larger embellishments in the middle. It's a layout that rarely fails.

Musical Collage Wood Stamp by HeroArts

Hero Arts Woodblock Stamp, Musical Collage

Get this Musical Collage Stamp from

UK Readers get Bird Rubber Stamps from

I love this musical sheet background design with the bird on a branch at the forefront. It's got a bit of a vintage look about it and looks ideal for that styling on a handmade card or layout.

Ways to Color Your Bird Stamped Projects

Large and intricate designs can be inked up and stamped in a single color and left as they are to form a beautiful design. Some designs lend themselves well to being colored in and this can become the most fun part of the whole paper crafted project.

Happy Birthday handmade card design spring green bird theme

With this particular Blue Tit, and any other realistic looking design, I really love to color it according to how it would actually look in real life. With more whimsical or cartoon like versions, imagination can take free reign although I think spring greens and warm sunny yellows and cream colors really lend themselves certainly to the backdrop.

Wait until you know for certain that the ink is dry before coloring a design, or you risk smudging it. A fast way to color is to use some good quality coloring pencils. I have a set of Prismacolor pencils which are known as Karismacolor in Europe. These are quick to use, you can blend shades and they look good with the inked edges.

Colored markers or ink pens like Copic markers are vibrant but they can be tricky to master and you will struggle if a mistake is made. Another option I use which gives a stronger look like pens is to stamp the design onto a good watercolor paper and then use a thick watercolor paint solution to brush the color on.

My last favorite way to color is with Sakura Glaze Pens. These are best for non-realistic looking options but they are vibrant and thick and glossy. These are the normal ways in which I love to color ink stamped projects. It’s worth trying different things until you hit on your favorite ways too.

What Occasions Can You Use Birds For?

I make year round use of my feathered friends in paper crafts from using Robin, Cardinal or Dove (peace) designs at Christmas, Lovebirds for Valentine's Day, Crows and Ravens for Halloween, Owls and other birds for thank you, birthday and friendship themes. Using rubber stamped designs you can create greeting cards, gift tags, scrapbook embellishments, letters and personalized notes, framed pictures, hanging decor such as banners and more.

Great Sentiments for Bird Cards

  • Happy Birdie to You
  • Thanks for being so Tweet
  • Come Fly With Me
  • Owl Love You Forever
  • You Tweet Me Good
  • You're so Tweet
  • Always Have a Song in Your Heart
  • A Little Bird Told Me it was your Bird Day
  • Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Flower Garden Set of Rubber Stamps

Inkadinkado Flower Garden Wood Stamp Set

Get this Flower Garden Wood Stamping Set from

UK Readers get Bird Rubber Stamps from

An easy way to create on a whole theme is to buy a set of rubber stamps which reflect that. Here is a set that I love the look of which will enable you to mix and match to create coordinated but different projects every time. The idea of making your very own flower garden with the wood set and a very pretty bird house is very appealing for spring themed paper crafts. Have fun stamping.

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