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Spring time is a wonderful season because the weather is warming up and it is a good time of year for me to craft. I can start sitting outdoors again while doing crochet or paper crafts and this time of year is not hectic like other months can be.

At this time, I'll focus on Easter, Spring and St. Patrick's Day projects and I get inspired with all the flowers coming into bloom and the emerging butterflies and bees. Sitting outside gives you lots of ideas as you see little insects and birds fly past. That's probably why I do quite a lot of bird and butterfly crafts as well.

Table of Contents:

~ 1: Spring Craft Pages
~ 2: St. Patrick's Day Craft Pages

1: CraftyMarie's Spring Craft Pages

Spring Paper Crafts:

Easy Bunny Easter Card With Free Pattern

Make a Last Minute Easter Egg Garland, Banner or Bunting

Make Beautiful Paper Folded Flowers

How to Make Gorgeous Glitter Paper Butterflies

25 Short Spring Quotations for Crafts

Butterfly Embellishments for Crafts

Beautiful Bird Themed Rubber Stamp Designs

How to Make Butterfly Templates for Your Crafting

Spring Lamb Inspiration for Card Making

Folding a Pretty Paper Flower for Cards

Fold a Pretty Paper Dress

Felt and Fabric Spring Crafts:

Free Pattern to Make a Felt Easter Bag

How to Make a Felt Bird Ornament - FREE Pattern

Sew a Pretty Candle Mat for Spring Table Decor

Potting Shed Garden Applique Wall Hanging

How to Make a Banner from Felt

Free Bird Template for Card and Fabric Crafts

Spring Crochet Pages:

African Flower Motif Crochet Pattern

African Flower Crochet Pincushion Tutorial 

Mini Crochet Butterfly Motifs to Make

Sunburst Crochet Pattern Part 1

Free Sunburst Granny Square Crochet Pattern

Mixed Crafts:

Fun Facts All About Easter

How to Make Butterfly Toppers for Cupcakes

Make Your Own DIY Bird Bath

50 Brilliant Spring Themed Crafts for Adults

Lots of Fun Butterfly Crafts to Enjoy

Make Butterfly Cupcakes for Spring

Butterfly Cookie Designs to Bake

Spring Butterfly Picture Frames

2: St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Although this occasion just narrowly misses out technically on being in this season, by a mere matter of days, it really has much more in common with this time of year than winter. So here's some articles for you.

St. Patrick's Crafts for Kids to Enjoy

St. Patrick's Day Perler Bead Patterns

For Adult Crafters: 10 St. Patrick's Day Craft Projects

25 Short St. Patrick's Day Quotes for Your Cards

Paper Plate Craft for Kids: Leprechaun

Fun Irish Facts for Kids and Adults

Lots of Shamrock Facts for St. Patrick's Day

Leprechaun Facts for Kids

If Spring is Your Thing come and follow my themed pinboard over at pinterest where you can get lots of ideas and inspiration for things to make. Here's some of my currently available free crafty projects based on this beautiful season. I will be adding more to this list when they are published and ready for you to view.

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