Pineapple Perler Bead Pattern Tutorial

Pineapples make a perfect tropical or summer theme. Not just a delicious fruit to eat or fresh juice to drink on a hot day but they're great for crafting designs with too for that real summery and exotic look and feel.

This pineapple Perler bead pattern makes a really nice sized finished embellishment that you can use to sew onto yarn or fabric projects or glue onto your paper crafts. Pineapples are a popular wedding and party scheme choice too and these are ideal to use as fun little party favors by turning them into magnets or keychains.

Once you iron over these beads with the special ironing paper, it fuses or melts the beads together until all the design sticks as once piece. They are reasonably durable once made although they can be broken with force.

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Tropical Pineapple Perler Bead Pattern Tutorial Great for Summer Crafting

Here's What You Need for This Pineapple Perler Bead Pattern:
  1. Fused Perler Beads (look for Hama in the UK) in yellow, browns and greens
  2. A small, square pegboard
  3. Ironing paper and an iron to fuse the beads together
  4. Adhesive Magnetic Sheets to make magnets also at
  5. Alternatively, lobster clasps and jump rings to make bag clips and keychains

Step 1: Outline of the Pineapple Fruit Pattern

Normally you'd have your square Perler bead board placed with a straight edge in front of you. But for this pattern, you need to turn it so that the pegboard is in a diamond shape with a corner pointing towards you instead.

Pick out some yellow beads to work the outline of the pineapple as shown in the image here.

Start on the 4th row up where you place 4 beads all the way across and then work the outline upwards which makes the rough shape of a pineapple fruit.

Step 2: Adding Pineapple Details

I've got no idea what the different rough segments on the outer skin of a pineapple fruit are called but I'll just refer to them as segments for this pattern.

Perler Beads 6,000 Count Bucket-Multi MixHama Beads and Pegboards in Tub (Yellow)

You can make your beaded design look spiky by adding in some little brown pointy triangles into the fruit pattern.

I use brown Perler beads in three different colors. Brown shades are often harder to get hold of in the regular kits and buckets. If you just have one brown or two then go with that. Alternatively, you can even use black instead.

Try to work with the colors that you have already. Add in the triangular pineapple segments as shown in the photo which means taking out a few of the yellow outline beads at the top of the design.

Step 3: Now Fill in The Yellow Beads

This part is very easy because you now just need to go back to the same color yellow beads that you used for the outline in Step 1 and use it to fill in the empty spaces in the pineapple fruit pattern.

If you wanted to, you could opt to use a lighter shade of yellow for the inside area. However, I felt that this looked a bit fussy along with all the different shades of brown for the triangular segments.

You can experiment with your own color choices. At this point, the fused beads don't look like much at all. But when you add the final part, it really stands out as being a totally tropical summer fruit!

Step 4: Add on the Leaves at the Top

The space at the top of the pegboard is just enough to fit on some green leaves at the top of this fruit pattern.

I've added the leaves in two different shades of green using a translucent bead color to work along with the solid color one. You could use just one shade of green or try a light and a dark green for more contrast.

➡️ Now See How to Turn These into Perler Bead Party Favors

Work in the final pattern as shown to complete your summer fruit craft project. Then an adult needs to iron over the pattern with special paper to fuse the beads together. Use the bead manufacturer's own instructions regarding how to do the ironing.

Tropical Pineapple Perler Bead Pattern Tutorial Great for Summer Crafting

When you're done, I'd be interested to hear what you're using your pineapple embellishment for. Mine will most likely end up on a handmade card although I'm tempted to use it alongside a yarn craft like crochet.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit. I'll be doing more fused bead patterns in future for you.

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