Perler Bead Cupcake Patterns to Make

You can enjoy a super sweet selection of fused Hama and Perler bead cupcake patterns on this page and they all have a yummy cake theme.

You'll find a selection of different designs here from ever so mini cupcake patterns through to a large Kawaii design which will take more time to make. This selection is good to appeal to a wide range of ages and abilities from kids to adults who love to craft with Perler and Hama beads.

You can have fun thinking of your favorite flavors that you like to eat and apply colors from those to make up your own versions based on these patterns. Have fun and get lots of ideas and inspiration while you are here.

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Cute Perler Bead Cupcake Patterns to Make

Cute cupcakes theme perlers designs and patterns to follow

The different patterns here make use of a variety of pegboards and not just the standard square ones. You will more than likely have at least one of these if not all of them already if you've done this fused bead craft before.

1) The Tiny Little Mini Cupcake Design

These miniature designs are about as small as you can get and, because of this, are ideal to use in jewelry making to create earrings and necklaces that can be worn and enjoyed.

Tiny cupcakes design made from fused beads

This little cutie is created with just 20 fused beads and 3 different colors, It is the smallest and the easiest pattern that I’m aware of and it's also the one that my daughter and I use the most since it is very quick and simple to make.

Young children can easily make this with the larger style version of beads and boards (biggie beads for Perler and maxi beads for Hama) since it won’t take them too long to make.

Since there are just 3 colors, you just need to think about what color to use for the base, the topping and the cherry decoration.

I normally choose red for the decoration to make it look just like a cherry on the top. But it could be a different color if you want. You'll see some of the different color combinations that I've used below in the photos.

Tiny selections of fused bead cake patterns

If you are using the standard sized beads, the finished design is pretty small and therefore makes a really fab choice if you're into making jewelry such as earrings. You can attach the finished pieces to most jewelry findings with the addition of an open jump ring.

You can discover exactly how to make up your own jewelry with the finished pieces by referring to my tutorial on How to Make Jewelry from Fused Bead Designs.

2) Cupcakes Made on a Star Peg Board

Ever wondered how to use a star shape pegboard aside from making just stars? There are many patterns you can make and one of them is this little cake design and you can also hopefully see how you'd make that into an ice cream in a cone too.

Star shaped pegboard with cake beaded design

I'll be the first to admit that this shape of board might not seem that useful at first. However, it gives you a really easy way to make up some quick little cake designs and also ice cream cones too.

To make a quick cup cake, start from the 3rd row up from one of the star points and make 3 or 4 rows up in one color for your base. Then add a rounded shape on top to make the frosting or icing section.

It’s a really simple board to use to make these cakes because you're working with the shape of one of the points to help you so it's easier in many ways than using the square board.

In the photo, I've gone for a candy pink frosting and then I took out some of the pink beads using tweezers and added some blue sprinkles in which is fun.

To make an ice cream cone pattern, simply use the same method but start right from the bottom of a star point to make the complete cone shape.

Use a yellow, cream or pale brown color to look more like a cone. Then experiment with the topping of the design and have fun making up lots of yummy sweet treats.

Perler Beads 6,000 Count Bucket-Multi MixHama Beads and Pegboards in Tub (Yellow)

A Note on Pegboards: I prefer to use the smaller Perler peg boards since I love to work with miniature designs. Smaller boards are ideal for pieces that will be used to make jewelry, brooch pins, embellishments for the front of handmade cards and magnets. 

In fact, my larger boards sit untouched for much of the time since I prefer to make lots of smaller items than spend hours on just one thing. It’s good to have a variety of these and luckily they are pretty inexpensive to buy too.

3) The Sweet Cherry Topped Cake Pattern

Using a square board, you can make an easy pattern with two colors of frosting, a cherry and two colors of the wrapper or liner as well.

Pattern and design of pink blue and white cake with ribbon bow

The cherry topped affair is one of my personal favorites. It has a two color wrapper or liner at the base and two delicious layers of frosted icing (yum) and you can just imagine the white icing oozing down over the pink. It has a very nice big cherry on the top which finishes it off.

Of course, you can have just one color for the base and one for the frosting on top of the cake. That's the beauty of the design since it is there to change and adapt to what you want to see and use instead. You can work this on to a small or a large square board and you need to leave space for 9 x 10 pegs to make this piece.

I love the combination of blue and pink for a summery themed pattern. I've used a dark blue and a lighter blue for the bottom then pink and white for the two color toppings. Other good combinations for frosting are brown and pink, pale pink and raspberry pink, pastel pink and lilac, yellow and pink and blue and brown.

Pretty hand crafted pattern

When the completed item has been ironed by an adult using the special ironing paper and the beads are fused together, that doesn't have to be the end of your creation. You can then add on your own little decorations with sparkling rhinestones, flat back beads and satin ribbon bows. You don't need a glue gun for this either. I like to use tiny glue dots which are super strong and easy to apply.

Add Rhinestones for Sparkle: If you're making a gift from your finished bead design, why not add in some fun finishing touches with the use of pretty, sparkling flat-backed rhinestones like Swarovski rhinestone gems. Sizes 3mm – 7mm are ideal for these creations. 

Luckily you do not need to use a glue gun or a special rhinestone applicator. Use tiny glue dots since these are safe to use and are strong enough for most general purposes.

4) Strawberry Topped Cupcake

This one below makes a really good use of a small hexagonal peg board and works with the shape of it well to make a cute strawberry topped confection.

purple, yellow and white cupcakes pattern with strawberry topping

Some people prefer strawberry toppings, so I came up with a pretty and swirled frosted icing that has a red strawberry on top. This is easy to make using a hexagonal board which provides you with the rough shape of the base for you to start with.

Have one side of the hexagon with a flat edge facing towards you on your work surface and start then from the 3rd peg in at the bottom to start to make your item.

Because this one's a small pattern and it has a decorative swirl on the topping, I've chosen a single color for the base to keep it simple. The strawberry is a simple shape where the fruit is made with just 5 red beads and 3 dark green ones.

Apart from that, the color choices are left very much up to you. A pale pink frosting could look good next to the red of the strawberry for contrast as would a light summer blue.

Perler Beads 22,000 Count Bead Jar Multi-Mix ColorsPerler Beads Bead Tweezers (2 Pack)Perler Beads Sweeper Rolls over beads for easy cleanupPerler Beads Sunny Days Activity Bucket

As with some of the other completed pieces, here I have added in a small lilac star gem to match up with the ribbon bow. The flat back gems are actually Swarovski crystals which are more expensive than rhinestones but you really notice the difference with the way that they sparkle and shine.

I tend to use Swarovski gems for my best handmade cards and gifts because they really finish off the designs nicely. 3mm – 7mm tend to be ideal sizes for these smaller pieces.

3mm ones are really tiny though and you may well need to use tweezers to pick them up. Another way is to slightly wet the very tip of your finger and press on top of the gem to pick it up.

5) Festive Holiday Christmas Cake Pattern

Christmas and cupcakes is a traditional worth having. This makes a sweet, festive design which is perfect for the Holiday Season.

Festive Holiday pattern beads

Handy for the upcoming festive season is this festive Christmas Holiday themed miniature cake. It comes in an alternating striped wrapper in 2 shades of green with two layers of frosting in red and white and a little sprig of Holly on top.

As always, this is my own design since I love to make up my own creations using these wonderful fusible beads. This will look perfect on the front of a handmade greeting card or even stuck onto the front of a pre-made blank card that you've purchased.

Find the pattern for this Holiday design on one of my separate step by step tutorials:

➡️ Click Here to See My Festive Holiday Perler Cupcake Tutorial

6) Cute Kawaii Large Design

Work a more challenging pattern onto a large, square peg board.

Kawaii pattern cute

This is my large Kawaii design which is worked onto a large pegboard and it requires 22 x 18 pegs at the widest and tallest points. I don't often sit and make up larger pieces like this since I tend to prefer working in miniature however it's hard to get the cute Kawaii face to stand out well enough in smaller patterns.

➡️ Now See How to Turn These Perler Cupcake Designs into Party Favors

My advice is to use some of these patterns to create some fun Holiday themed gifts (hair clips, necklaces, pin brooches, magnets, coasters or more) that you can present as gifts to your friends and family.

Why not team these Perler beads up with a paper folded cupcake that you can use for a card or a tag. They'd make great hanging ornaments too.

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