Fun Summer Crafting Ideas to Enjoy

Summer has officially now started for me now my daughter has just broken up from school for the long summer vacation. She's off now until the beginning of September and this is the time where we get busy doing a selection of crafts that adults and kids can do together. As well as doing our own thing too.

With this in mind (and conscious of other people in a similar position either looking after children, grandkids or helping out at summer camps and parties) I've put together a very long resource page packed with 50 summer crafts.

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I spent a great deal of time working on putting this page which is full of a great selection of tutorials below.

Visit 50 Crafting Ideas for Everyone to Enjoy this Summer Here

Since I'm rather limited in the time I have online while also wanting to spend some real quality time with my daughter and also my nearest and dearest over this school holiday period, I made sure that my readers would have at least one big resource page to visit, bookmark and revisit to get their craft fix over this time too. So I really do hope you'll enjoy that because I've added in a little something for everyone.

It's been very hot recently and a lot hotter and much more humid than we are used to. So I haven't done quite so much crafting as I'd have liked due to the incessant heat. I've got some papercrafting done and have made some summer themed cards with iced treats and popsicles.

Crochet-wise I've started my first cardigan which is almost finished. I just need to sew in the loose yarn and put the buttons on. This has taken up a lot of my time because it's a big project so I'll be glad to get that over with and move onto making smaller and less time-consuming items which I really prefer to make.

When I put together my summer craft page, I realized just how many summer themed pages and articles I've written this year, way more than I realized or planned for, and I'm really more than ready now to start moving on to the next season - so expect that with whatever I post next, I'll be swiftly moving on.

Strawberries are a great theme for right now. I've had this cute rubber stamp for years and must have used it in so many ways - unfortunately I can't remember who it was made by. But it's ideal for Thank You cards with phrases you can add such as Thank You Berry Much and Thanks for Being so Berry Sweet.

Anyway, I want to thank my readers since I've had a lot of great support and encouragement along the way. It's lovely to know when people have used and enjoyed a craft tutorial that has taken a lot of time to photograph and write.

Sharing and encouraging the enjoyment of crafts and handmade items is the best feeling. I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit. I shall be back as I can during the school vacation.

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