Best Needle for Sewing Knitting and Crochet Together

Clover chibi darning needle set with green case and 3 needles for sewing wool yarn crochet knit

If you spend any amount of time working on knit and crochet projects, you'll need to sew up clothing, squares and motifs, toys and amigurumi, blankets and more. The best needle for sewing up knitting and crochet is a darning needle.

Darning needles have rounded and blunt tips which means that they can pass through yarns and wools without snagging or catching on the individual fibers. They also have large eyes which makes it easier to thread thicker yarns through for easily sewing up your knitting and crochet. Get hold of the exact darning needles I recommend for knitting and crochet right here on this page as well as tips on how to store and use them.

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Why Darning Needles are the Best Needles for Sewing Knitting and Crochet Together

Darning knitters needles weaving in sewing up crochet knitting loose ends

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If you've ever tried to sew through yarn projects with an ordinary sharp tip needle, you'll know that it can easily split and snag the fibers. That's why a needle with a blunt end like the darning needle is a necessity.

Traditionally, these large eye needles were for darning or repairing socks. The blunted and dull tips were perfect for weaving between the stitches and fibers without snagging.

Not many people darn socks anymore but these needles are also useful for projects such as embroidery, counted cross stitch and tapestry as well as being useful first needles for kids to work with on counted cross stitch fabric such as Aida.

I let my daughter use these darning needles so that she can practice her first steps with sewing without pricking her fingers.

Clover Chibi packet with green storage case twist top and set of 3 darning needles in assorted sizes

I'm a pretty big fan of Clover products. They make lots of useful and practical items, particularly for yarn crafters who knit and crochet.

The Clover Chibi darning needle set is one of my favorite items because you get a handy little storage case and 3 sizes of darning needles included inside which are useful for so many yarn based projects.

This Chibi set by Clover is so useful. The addition of having such a handy little storage case like this makes it a really good buy as well. I now keep several darning needles in this storage container, all ready to use.

The assorted sizes are perfect for using with different thicknesses of yarns.

Clover Chibi Darning Needle Set Review

Clover Chibi with Darning NeedlesClover Darning Needle Set
These darning needles are what I use for sewing up any loose yarn and ends on my completed crochet items.

Use this Clover Chibi set to:

  • sew knitted or crocheted pieces together in order to complete projects
  • stitch clothing projects like knitted jumpers, cardigans and cowls 
  • sew together squares and motifs for blankets, cushions and Afghan throws
  • stitch amigurumi yarn toys together

I now find it so much easier to safely store and find the needles I need when sewing up my yarn and woolen projects.

1) The storage case is easy to find if you put it in your sewing case or yarn project bag. Previously, I kept my darning needles loose in a tray in my sewing basket. This made it difficult to pick them out when I needed to use them. Having a handy little storage container makes it much easier to find them.

2) This Clover set comes with a screw top safety lid. That means it is not accidentally going to pop open or come off and spill needles everywhere. Having a screw top is a good safety feature and prevents you from needlessly losing your sewing, knitting and crochet equipment.

3) I really like the lid of the Chibi case which has a hole on one side. You can pop some elastic or cord through and then attach it to something or even wear it around your neck. This is a good idea if you have a lot of sewing to do such as stitching the woolen pieces of an amigurumi toy together.

4) There is plenty of room inside the container for storing more darning needles. The holder is just over 3 inches tall. You can place several of your favorite needles in it.

5) Included in the set are three great quality needles. They come in small, medium and large sizes to suit a range of projects. It certainly is handy to have different sizes to use and they work well on all the yarns I've needed to sew up.

Approx needle sizes: 1.8" 4.5cm / 2.2" 5.5cm / 2.6" 7cm

6) This makes an ideal stocking filler for anyone who loves to crochet or knit. It is a good quality product and not at all expensive to buy in my opinion.

7) Having the range of darning needle sizes means that it is easy to find the exact one you need. Yarns come in a range of widths and these needles have different sizes of openings, also known as eyes, to accommodate this.

I have stitched up many crochet toys, dolls and clothing using this Clover Chibi set and the needles are still like new. The container helps me to keep them stored safely for when I need to use them.

Clover Chibi with Jumbo Darning Needles

This set of 2 jumbo darning needles have bent tips at the top. That makes it much easier to insert the point of the needle right under a knitted or crocheted stitch. It makes precision work much easier and it is ideal for weaving through yarn stitches and loose ends.

Video Review of the Different Chibi Sets

This is a Very Handy Darning Needle Set to Have in Your Craft Stash

Clover Chibi set and amigurumi crochet toy being sewn up with needle and yarn

One issue I have found with darning needles is always storage. Unlike regular sewing needles, these have smooth and blunt tips which means you cannot push them into a pin cushion or a traditional needle holder. It is difficult to find a practical way of storing them. However, Clover have solved that with the cute looking twist top cases that theirs come in.

Dritz Ultimate Pin Caddy, Colors May VaryPrym Magnetic Pin Cushion

An alternative way to store your needles is with a magnetic needle keeper. Metal objects will cling to the magnetic surface. You could place one of these into a craft drawer or sewing basket with your pins and needles safely stored. This might be a better alternative if you are not keen on a twist top container.

Clover make lots of great products and another item I like from them is their crochet and knitting stitch counter. I use this counter for my crochet because it is perfect for keeping track of what row you're on. It allows you to work up a more complex pattern with ease.

As soon as I saw that Clover had made a rather cute looking case with darning needles in, I bought it to use with my crochet projects. This company makes a range of products that I find really useful and these certainly did not disappoint.

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