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One of my favorite newer crafts is crochet. I started this when I hit the big age of 40 and I was instantly hooked. Now I go everywhere with my crochet tote so I can carry on while on the move and instead of jewelry I wear a row counter slung round my neck all day. Here's a list of all my current published crochet articles, both here on the blog and on other venues where I write online.

Table of Contents:

~ 1: Crochet and Yarn Tutorials and Patterns
~ 2: Crochet Supplies and Equipment Explained

1: Crochet and Yarn Tutorials and Pattern Pages

Complete Sunburst Granny Square Tutorial

Sunburst Pattern Part 1

Making Pincushions from Crochet Motifs

How to Make Your Own Yarn Tassels

Double Crochet Granny Triangle Pattern

Detailed African Flower Hexagon Motif Tutorial

Free Crochet Fairy Doll Patterns

Free Mini Crochet Strawberry Pattern

Cute Mini Crochet Butterfly Motif

Crochet Banners and Bunting

Summer Birthday Decorations

Making an Amigurumi Crochet Unicorn

My Very First Crochet Doll

My New Craft Addiction to Crochet

Make a Slip Knot to Start Crocheting (awaiting publication)

Making Multi Color Tassels for Yarn Crafts (awaiting publication)

Standing Double Crochet Stitch - Neater Joining Technique (awaiting publication)

Making Cushion Covers with Granny Squares (awaiting publication)

Make a Garland from Yarn Pom Poms Tutorial (awaiting publication)

2. Crochet Supplies and Equipment Explained

All the Essential Crochet Supplies You Need

How to Use a Clover Pom Pom Maker

What Type of Crochet Hooks are Best?

Clover Pom Pom Maker Review

Review of Clover Soft Touch Hooks

Best Hook and Size for Beginners to Use

Crochet for the Absolute Beginner Book

Clover Chibi Needle Set Review

The Big Crochet Stitch Guide Book

The Addi Swing "Ergonomic" Hook (awaiting publication)

Making a Hook Holder from a Pencil Case (awaiting publication)

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