Lots of Hobbit Cake Ideas for Birthdays

Here are lots of ideas, inspiration and designs on themed Lord of the Rings and Hobbit cakes and cupcakes. These are ideal for all those magical, fantasy Middle Earth birthdays, parties and special events.

You really will find lots and lots of inspiration to help you plan some seriously cool Hobbit cake ideas and designs for themed birthdays and parties. Make sure you scroll down the whole article so you can get a great idea of what really appeals to you.

Whether you're baking from scratch or decorating a selection of store bought cakes for a fantasy fan, a kids birthday party or for a Tolkien convention of some kind, you'll find plenty of great ideas here on one handy packed page.

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Lots of Hobbit Cake Ideas and Designs for Fantasy Lord of the Rings Themed Birthdays

Lots of Hobbit Cake Ideas and Designs for Fantasy Lord of the Rings Themed Birthdays Parties Party Celebration Cakes Cupcakes

As a big fan of this Middle Earth fantasy created by Tolkien, I have put together a lot of information as well as photos of some truly enchanting cakes. There are plenty of sweet treats that you could bake up for your very own Hobbit and Lord of the Rings birthday celebration.

I've included plenty of easy to make Hobbit cake ideas as well as some more challenging ones. There are also some really useful how-to videos that will help show you how to get the best results with your baking.

If you really need to bake a themed Lord of the Rings or Tolkien fantasy cake, you can make it easier on yourself by buying a topper. You can get some ready made kits and toppers. One even has a Bag End home scene with some Hobbit characters to use.

Use cake toppers to create an iced scene which makes it look really good and on theme with minimal effort. You can easily stick to making a green iced cake and then add these items on top. If you can add on fondant iced leaves and flowers too, that will make it look even more fitting for this fantasy.

1: The Hobbit Book Cake ~ Celebrate your Love for the Popular Tolkien Books

Birthday cake pile of green books teacup design idea

Image Credit: Shared by Christina McKenzie on Flickr with a CC License

One great idea for a fan of all things Tolkien is a cake that is shaped like a book. You can create a book cake or even a pile of books. Why not create a book shaped cake of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings as your birthday cake.

The green book cake shown above is not a Hobbit or Tolkien cake but it could easily be one. This design even comes with a teacup on top. The teacup is significant with where The Hobbit book kicks off with An Unexpected Party. The host, Bilbo Baggins, ends up making tea unexpectedly for no less than 13 dwarves and the wizard, Gandalf.

Making a book shaped cake or even a pile of books is easier than you might think. You need to make up as many rectangular shaped cake bases in a cake pan for each book you want. When baked, you layer the rectangles on top of each other to make it look just like a stack of books.

Once your pile of books is made, you can ice over the top. I would use fondant icing which is icing that you simply roll out and place carefully over top. You use a thin layer of apricot jam or preserve in order to stick the icing to the cake. Alternatively, you can use an icing or frosting that you need to either pipe on or smother on using a blunt knife.

If you also wish to make a little teacup design, you can use fondant icing or colored marzipan paste which allows you to make three-dimensional and edible toppers from. Alternatively, use a teacup cake decoration.

You can easily print off a teacup design and then stick it on to a popsicle or cocktail stick. Then press your homemade topper into the top of your cake. Print out and use the Hobbit characters instead.

2: Smaug the Hobbit Dragon Cake

Dragon shaped birthday cake green red

Smaug is a Magnificent Red Dragon that Kids will Love. Just Change the Color of this One!

Image Credit: Shared by Brendon Connelly on Flickr with a CC License

Smaug is the name of the dragon in the Hobbit. Smaug is actually a red color dragon. You'll need to remember that when it comes to the icing of the cake. A dragon shaped cake looks harder than it is to make.

With a shaped cake like this design, it helps to sketch a rough idea out on paper. Think about what you want the finished dragon cake to look like. Maybe look at some photos of Smaug. He is well known for lying on top of his piles of gold treasure. Looking at lots of dragon cake designs will give you an idea of what to aim for.

Bake some cake bases in tins and then cut out shapes that will work for each part of the dragon. Start with the dragon shaped body then add on the head, limbs and its tail.

Once you've built the main shape of Smaug the dragon, cover the whole thing with icing. You'll need some thick buttercream icing over the top of a design like this in order to create a dragon cake.

You can leave the dragon cake with buttercream frosting on top. This is ideal for an inexperienced cake maker. Alternatively, cover the cake with some smooth, rolled fondant icing which will give the dragon a more professional look.

I'd recommend working on some easier shaped cakes such as squares, rectangles and circular cakes before using fondant icing on a more complex cake shape like a dragon.

3: Mirkwood Forest Giant Spider Cakes

Spider themed cupcakes cake designs spiderweb cobwebs

Cupcakes with Bite - Bilbo Needs to Attack These Spiders with his Sword!

Image Credit: Shared by jamieanne on Flickr with a CC License

Giant spiders are a Tolkien theme that crops up again and again. Giant spiders appear in both The Hobbit and in The Lord of the Rings books. Bilbo Baggins, gets rid of giant spiders in Mirkwood Forest by outsmarting them. This act of bravery marks a turning point for Bilbo because, after this, he starts to believe in himself more.

The main Giant spider, called Shelob, in The Lord of the Rings marks a turning point for Frodo Baggins as well. So the spider theme is perfect to add into a Tolkien birthday event.

Spiderweb decorated cupcakes with spider decorations would also look perfect for a Halloween party. There is a trick to decorating these cupcakes which is easy when you know how.

➡️ Learn How to Decorate Spider Cupcakes HERE

Alternatively, make a giant spiderweb cake instead of individual party cupcakes. You can easily combine this cake with some Mirkwood Forest themed cupcakes. Decorate both designs with some spider decorations to symbolize the spiders from The Hobbit.

A Tolkien fan will love this idea and it would really be appreciated for a fantasy convention or event too.

4: Gandalf the Wizard Hat Cupcakes

Witch or wizard hat cupcakes cake design

Wizard Hat Cupcakes: Perfect for all Aspiring Wizards and Magic Users

Image Credit: Shared by F_A on Flickr with a CC License

Gandalf the wizard is a very popular and significant character in The Hobbit and also LOTR. He really deserves some cupcakes made in his honor. If you want to be correct to the theme, then Gandalf's wizard hat would be a gray color. His hat also has a very wide brim in the movies.

The hat topper on the cupcakes can made from marzipan paste and also from sugar paste or ready-to-roll fondant icing. Fondant icing is similar to Play Doh in consistency. You roll it out with a little icing or confectioner's sugar to remove the stickiness and then shape it just how you want.

Place the completed fondant or marzipan Gandalf hat on top of your completed cake or cupcake design. Wizard hat designs will make a magical hit for any birthday party or special occasion.

5: The Hobbit Mirkwood Forest Cupcakes

Green forest wood theme cupcakes design

Forest Theme Cupcakes Ideal for the Middle Earth Traveler

Image Credit: Shared by Ariel Grimm on Flickr with a CC License

Mirkwood Forest features significantly in the Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug. It's where Bilbo Baggins and his party of 13 dwarves get captured by some evil giant spiders. It is also where Bilbo names his sword "Sting" after he manages to outsmart these creatures.

The movies The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are filled with lush trees, woods, forests and greenery. The landscapes are symbolic of the world that Tolkien wants to preserve in his writings for all time.

These forest cupcakes look stunning but very incredibly easy for anyone to create. They are perfect for a quick, easy recipe. You can make or buy plain, vanilla cupcakes. Then ice or spread with a blunt knife some green icing on top of the cakes. Add in some small, plastic tree decorations. These are easy to find as kid's toys.

6: Giant Eagle Cake and Cupcakes

Bird nest cupcakes cakes

Loyal Giant Eagles will Rescue Your Party Food

Image Credit: Shared by Jamie on Flickr with a CC License

Giant Eagles are the beautiful birds that rescue Gandalf, Bilbo Baggins, and the dwarves from a hoard of wolf-like Wargs and Goblins. Goblins lit fires under the trees in which the Hobbit party are hiding. Luckily, the Lord of the Eagles is friends with Gandalf the wizard so he and his eagles swoop down and fly the traveling party to safety.

An Eagle cake can be made in a very similar fashion to the Smaug dragon design. You first create the main shape of the Eagle bird using a base of cake. Then you smother the shaped cake design in colored frosting such as buttercream using a blunt knife.

You can shape the icing roughly over the bird cake with icing tools. Using marzipan paste, sugar paste or fondant icing, you can create a yellow beak for the bird and insert into the icing.

If you found the idea of making an impressive Eagle bird cake too much, why not have a go at these easier bird nest cupcakes which look like Eagle nests. The video above can show how you can make these nests which you can use on top of a cake or cupcake.

Have a Giant Eagle's nest which is easy to make and fun for any fan of the Tolkien books. These would be great for a birthday party and celebration.

7: Smaug the Dragon Treasure Cupcakes

Treasure topped cupcakes ideal for pirate parties

Reclaim the Stolen Dwarf Treasure from Smaug the Dragon

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Included is a photo of my own treasure cupcakes which are a really fun and easy make. You can easily alter the theme to dragon treasure cupcakes which would work very well along with a large Smaug the Hobbit dragon cake.

The whole crux of The Hobbit story is Bilbo and the Dwarves traveling to reclaim their stolen treasure from Smaug the Dragon who lives in the Lonely Mountain.

➡️ See How to Make Treasure Cupcakes with my Tutorial HERE

Making cupcakes that are decorated to look like they've got a hoard of treasure on top is quick and easy to do. Simply ice the top of your cupcakes with a buttercream frosting in a neutral white or cream and add gem like candy, chocolate and sweets on top. Stick in some chocolate coins too.

Tons of Hobbit Cake Photo Inspirations

Lots of Finished Photos of Beautiful Fantasy Inspired Middle Earth Cakes

You asked for it - here's links to photos of actual finished cakes that people have made to give you inspiration. Sadly due to copyrights, I can't actually post photos of these and can only describe what the cakes are like.

Elaborate Hobbit Home / House Birthday Cake

You have to check out the elaborate shading on this Hobbit Home cake for which is detailed to perfection. You feel like you are transported right into Hobbiton with the faithful rendition of this cake which looks just like the home of Bilbo Baggins.

Fondant Iced Bilbo's Home Cake

A chocolate mud cake covered with ganache and fondant icing to make another grand home for a Hobbit. It isn't as detailed as the first cake but it is very well done and I love the detail with Gandalf's hat and staff laid out on the front step.

Elaborate Hobbit Home Scene Cake

This cake beautifully captures the scenery of Hobbiton with the house set into a lush green hill and a figure of Gandalf the wizard walking up the path to the round and green door belonging to Bilbo.

Fiery Smaug Hobbit Dragon Cake

This is a stunning rendition of Smaug, the Hobbit dragon captured in cake form. Most of us would never be able to create a cake like this since it is highly difficult to put together. But it is worth looking at and wondering - how did they do that!

A Hobbit's Tale Cake

This cake manages to really capture the essence of The Hobbit. Featuring Bilbo Baggins and his Hobbit home in the Shire at the bottom, his book There and Back Again plus Gollum and the One Ring in the middle and a smug Smaug the dragon at the top.

Smaug Sitting on a Hill Cake

This cake really tells a tale. It starts at the bottom layer with a wonderful and lush Hobbit home with flowers and Bilbo standing outside. The next layer is the Lonely Mountain with Gollum climbing up. And the final impressive layer is Smaug sitting down.

There and Back Book Shaped Cake

This cake is shaped like a book and has the words 'There and Back Again' iced on top. It also has a wee house on top with a path that looks like a bookmark in the book.

Incredible 'Hobbit' Wedding Cake

This is a fall colored wedding cake that isn't actually a Hobbit theme - but it really could be very easily which you will see when you look at it. Each layer is perched precariously on top of the next and the whole thing screams fantasy.

Gandalf Arrives Cake

Gandalf arrives at Bag End with this charming scene filled cake. Bag End is displayed with a wonderful little vegetable patch outside and has a signpost too. It looks very cute.

The Creature Gollum Cake

Anyone who is a fan of the poor creature Gollum will like a cake like this. It will be very hard to make a Gollum out of icing as this baker has done but it looks really good.

Realistic Gollum Cake

This is a very realistic looking Gollum (scarily so) and shows the hideous creature eating one of his favorite delicacies which is raw fish - yuk.

Gollum Bust Cake

This looks just like an actual Gollum Bust which has been made into an edible version. It is an amazing Gollum cake but would anyone want to eat it?

Gold Hollow Ring Cake

This is a beautiful gold color ring cake which would be perfect for an adult Tolkien themed celebration or a wedding. Because it is hollow, you can put figures or other edible food like mini cupcakes inside which would make a great party centerpiece.

One Ring Yellow Cake

A yellow and fiery orange One Ring cake. The actual cake is not to hard to make and decorate in yellow icing. However, you need some patience if you want to ice on the entire inscription like that.

Gandalf at Lonely Mountain

A sugar paste Gandalf and Smaug set the scene for this Lonely Mountain style cake - called Mystic Mountain by the creator.

Bag End and Gandalf Cake

This is one of my favorite hobbit cakes with a beautiful Bag End lavishly decorated with leaves and flowers. Gandalf has arrived and is standing atop the cake.

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