CUTE Origami Heart Envelope Step by Step Instructions

Enjoy these step by step instructions on how to fold a really cute origami heart envelope that is quick and easy for you to make. It creates a beautiful two color heart envelope design that your loved one will adore.

Make your own origami heart envelope as a truly beautiful way to say I Love You. This simple yet elegant paper folded heart envelope can contain a love letter, Valentine card, some heart confetti. Perhaps you could even squeeze in some heart shaped candy too.

This origami tutorial is an easy folding project. You just need a square sheet of paper which has a different color on either side. Normally you get folding paper that is white on one side and colored on the other. The envelope makes a super cute design for Valentine's Day and other romantic occasions.

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Make a Super CUTE Two Color Origami Heart Envelope With Simple Step by Step Instructions

Make a Super CUTE Two Color Origami Heart Envelope With Simple Step by Step Instructions

These sweet heart envelope designs take just a few minutes for you to fold once you know the instructions. There are no tricky or difficult folding techniques involved so this is a suitable Valentine craft project for older kids and adults to enjoy.

My step-by-step photo tutorial comes with detailed written instructions. They show you how to make the unique heart envelope design and also how to secure the envelope when it is made. I used some pretty ribbon but there are other fastening techniques too.

These paper folded heart envelopes would be perfect to use for any romantic event such as Valentine's day, weddings and more. All you need is a square sheet of paper which is colored differently on each side.

There are some beautiful origami papers that are white on one and a solid color on the other. These double-sided papers will give the most striking effect for this pattern although they can be hard to find. You can also use scrapbook paper although it can be thicker to fold.

Step 1: The Paper for Folding Your Envelope

You will need a square piece of paper which is colored on one side with a different color or solid white on the other side.

Most origami paper is 6 by 6 inches. I use 5 by 5 inch paper because this size makes some cute mini envelopes which measure about 3.5 by 2 inches when made.

To make this paper folded heart envelope, you don't need origami paper. You can choose any paper you like including scrapbook paper cut to size. Just start with the colored side of the paper facing up.

Step 2: Making Your First Folds

folding square sheet of paper into a triangle shape

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Fold your square paper diagonally in half to make a triangle shape. Make sure to fold it diagonally both ways.

Then unfold the sheet of paper completely so that the colored side is facing upwards. You should now have 2 creases through your paper making an X shape.

Step 3: The Envelope Design Starting to Take Shape

Folded white and red paper making an envelope shape

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

You now need to fold all 4 corners of the square paper in to the middle. The middle of the paper is marked out by the folded X shape.

Start with the top right corner of the paper. Pull the tip of the corner down to the center crease point and make a fold.

Then move on next to the bottom right corner. Pull the tip of this corner towards the center crease point and fold.

Repeat this same process with the bottom left corner and the top left corner. Stop when all the corners of the paper have been folded in to the middle of your paper.

Step 4: Unfolding the Paper

Unfolding square folded white and red origami paper

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Rotate your paper around so that it now looks like a square folded shape right in front of you and not a diamond shape.

Unfold the top flap of paper. Next unfold the bottom flap of paper so that you are ready for the next step.

Step 5: Creasing the Envelope Shape

Folding a special origami envelope from double sided white and red paper

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Take hold of the very bottom corner. Pull this corner right up to the point shown in the photograph which is located bottom center of the triangular flap at the top.

Make sure that both sides of the paper are level before making your crease in the paper.

Step 6: Building the Heart Design

Folding paper envelope craft instructions

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Now get hold of the very top point on the bottom flap of paper. Pull this down to the very bottom of your envelope. You should really see this envelope starting to take shape now.

If you made sure to fold the paper down evenly, with the tip matched up with the mid crease at the bottom of your envelope, you'll have created a new triangle shape. This triangle shape will make the bottom of your heart design.

Step 7: Creating the Envelope Flap

Making the envelope flap

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Get hold of the top corner. Fold this right down to the bottom of your envelope. Make sure to line the point up with the mid crease already made in the paper.

Once you have everything neatly lined up, make the new crease.

Step 8: Almost Done Making the Main Heart Envelope

Folding an origami paper envelope design craft

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Now get hold of the same layer of paper that you folded in step 7. Bend this layer of paper back up so that the tip extends over the top of the envelope. You can see that this makes a diamond shape with the colored parts of the paper when you do this.

The bottom of the top colored triangle should rest just against the other folded triangle and not overlap it. Study the photos and take your time to match these up nicely together.

Step 9: Final Step for the Origami Heart Envelope

Final Step for making the Origami Heart Envelope paper folding craft craftymarie

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

To make the final heart shape on your envelope, is quite simple. Pull the top of the colored triangle down to the bottom of the top flap which makes up the top section of your envelope.

I prefer to glue down the bottom sides of the origami heart envelope and also glue the completed heart shape because this makes the finished craft project look really neat.

NOW see how to fasten this design with ribbon below.

If you intend the finished envelope to hold anything heavier than a paper note or card inside, you may need to fasten it together with glue.

How to Fasten Your Origami Heart Envelope With Ribbon

Threading ribbon through an envelope for fastening

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Once you have made your envelope and filled it with a note, card, letter or something else, you'll need to think about how best to fasten it.

You can fasten the envelope with adhesive such as a wet liquid glue or double-sided tape. I prefer to use ribbon as a pretty way to fasten these special origami envelopes because it looks so much more romantic.

Punch or make a circular hole with a small pair of scissors in the middle of the bottom flap of your envelope. You want to place the hole not too far from the top of this bottom flap. Maybe about 1 cm away from the edge.

Cut a small length of ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half and then push the folded middle of the ribbon through the circular hole and pull the ribbon loop through a little.

Ribbon fastening in a handmade diy envelope design craft

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Punch or make a small circular hole in the middle of the top flap of your envelope. Make this about 1 cm away from the bottom edge of this flap.

Push the ribbon loop through from the back of this flap and pull it out a little through to the front.

Red and pink Ribbon fastening closure on handmade envelope

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Take the cut ends of your ribbon and then push these up through the loop of ribbon. Very gently pull the ribbon ends down to tighten up the loop.

Don't pull the ribbon too hard. The thinner the paper is, the more likely it is to tear so be extra careful when pulling the ribbon.

Handmade DIY paper folded origami heart design envelopes instructions tutorial

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Now you have a gorgeous ribbon fastened origami heart envelope.

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