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Christmas time is the ultimate time of the year for me. It's actually the only time of year where I do relax and forget about work. The shared time with family and friends is the best. In the run up to the Holiday season, I will make cards for special friends and family - those who really appreciate the extra effort put in. I also like making decorations, ornaments and the occasional gift too. I've got a selection of my favorite Christmassy articles here for you to view and I hope to get the chance to add in more before the event.

My Christmas Craft Pages

Make a Very SPECIAL Pop-Up Christmas Box Card

Fold an Elegant Christmas Star Ornament

Perler Bead Mini Christmas Gift Pattern

Festive Holiday Cupcake Perler Hama Bead Pattern

Loads of Cool Christmas Themed Quotations

Stuck for Ideas on Advent Calendar Fillers? 100 Ideas Here!

Make a Christmas Cupcake Card with Template

Christmas Robin Card to Make with Free Printable

Homemade Christmas Holiday Card Ideas

Sentiments for Your Festive Christmas Season Cards

Make an Origami Christmas Wreath Card

Sew a Cute Little Felt Robin Bird Plush

Blue Snowflake Cookies to Bake and Decorate

Christmas Tree Cookies Recipe

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