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Hi there, I really appreciate your interest in me, my crafts and my range of websites.

I live in the UK and am always open to enquiries regarding paper craft commissions and design teams.

I do not accept any sponsored or guest posts here on CraftyMarie or any of my sites because I prefer to write all content myself.

Please use the contact form below if you need to send me a message regarding my craft work, this site or one of my other websites online.

If it is a comment relating specifically to one of my articles, please think whether that would be better posted as an article comment rather than contacting me directly about it. Helpful and constructive comments should be added into the comments section on that specific article and post page where other readers may benefit from what you have to say.

Any spam, hate mail and contact that is not relevant will be deleted without any reply.

I aim to reply within 5 days if a response is required to your message. This allows me sufficient time if I happen to be away on vacation or visiting family.

Many thanks, Marie

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