Free Fall Fairy Home Printables

Fall Fairy Home Free Printables

Are you as hooked on cute fairy home designs as I am? I enjoy plenty of crafting on a fairy house theme and today I'm really excited to share with you a free printable flat notecard stationery set for the Fall season. It comes with a red, polka dot unlined notecard, some matching little tags, decorative accent pieces and wide paper "ribbon" wraps. All of these items can be used to make up your own gift sets for personal use to gift for birthdays, Christmas and other occasions.

You can use this free printable set for stationery but the decorative paper ribbons and the tags are also useful for embellishing handmade greeting cards, scrapbooks, gift wrapping and any other cool paper crafts. This design is based on my own felt plush mushroom design and, if you like it and it proves popular, I may add more in the future. I sincerely hope that you won't be gnoming home anytime soon!

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Printable Free Flat Notecard Stationery for Fall

With a Modern Red Polka Dot Mushroom Toadstool Fairy Home Design

Included further down this page is a set of matching stationery that you can print out and use. The three-piece set is one that I have designed myself. The little toadstool or mushroom fairy house looks like it has stitching because it was inspired from one of my handmade felt plush designs - you can see the little flower button on the side.

Stationery free set to print with flat notecards, wrappers, tags and more

The Free Fall / Autumnal Printables Include:

1. Unlined Flat Notecard: Flat notecards are single sheets of unfolded card, a bit like postcards, which you use for writing out short notes. Perfect for thank you notes, short letters, popping in with any customer orders and for making up your own notecard gift sets. Simply print onto white cardstock at a size of your choosing (I like to print 2 of these to a page) and cut around the thin grey lines. For a modern look, use a corner paper punch to round off the corners.

2. Tags and Accents: This is a full page of square and circle toadstool themed tags. Use as envelope seals, like stickers, to decorate gift sets of notecards, as pretty decorations for card making and scrapbooking or as gift tags for presents. Print onto white cardstock and cut around the thin grey lines.

3. Paper Ribbon Wraps: Made for decorating gift sets of notecards to give away at Christmas or for birthdays. Print onto thin cardstock, cut out down the grey lines and 'wrap' around a set of flat notecards and envelopes. Fasten with some sticky tape or a glue dot at the back.

Your Free Printable Stationery

Free to print from CraftyMarie a flat notecard

Unlined Flat Notecard Stationery with Fairy House

Tags and embellishment accent pieces for paper crafts

Fall Themed Toadstool Home Tags, Accents and Embellishments

Borders with blue and red patterns and polka dot scallop edges

Matching Polka Dot Paper Ribbon Wraps

There are 3 free printables given here, click on the image of each one you want to download (it's easier to open them up into a new window or tab if you know how) to see a full sized version that you can then save to your own computer or device. You'll then need to make a right-click command on each design and choose 'save image' or 'save image as' in order to get copies that you can save and print out yourself at home.

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