Popsicle Template to Make a Card

Free Popsicle Shaped Template to Make a Card

Summer, I can't wait for it! I try to ignore the constant rain we keep getting and apply myself to colorful and wishful thinking themed projects to add some sunshine into each day. I've wanted to make a fun lollipop and popsicle stick craft for ages and this was what I came up with.

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I teamed this design up with some fun ice treats scrapbook paper and a matching beaded popsicle embellishment I made from Perler beads but you can come up with your own unique way to decorate this I'm sure.

Popsicle Tutorial and Template Here on CraftyMarie

Ideas on Using a Popsicle Template:

Create Some Ice Cool Summer Party Invites by using a word package on your computer to print out some basic where, when and contact information that you can then glue or pop inside the completed cards. Or you can fill out bought paper invites and fold them up in the finished popsicle cards.

Make Your Own Cute Cupcake Toppers by printing off the templates a little smaller which you can normally do by changing the percentage that they print at or by choosing an option that prints more than one template design to a page. Use along with some mini popsicle sticks instead of the regular size and glue part of the stick inside two pieces of shaped card stuck together. Decorate the front of the design to make really sweet cupcake toppers. Great for summer parties.

If You Want Your Card to Stand Up on Display you'll need to alter the design a bit since my version doesn't stand unaided. To make a standing version, just cut out a front popsicle shape, glue the stick behind it so it pokes out at the bottom like a normal iced treat. This makes a complete embellishment that you can then place into the middle of a larger blank greeting card.

Unwrap the Iced Treat and Enjoy with a Custom Wrapper: I love the idea of popping this into a custom made wrap or envelope that fits snugly around the card with just the stick poking out at one end. This way the recipient can really enjoy pulling out their cool summer treat.

Use the Design to Make Ice Cool Gift Tags: Create some really cool gift tags for summertime birthdays and occasions by making some mini popsicle versions using a smaller sized template and sticks. You'll only need one side with the stick glued in place behind for this. For a really swish effect, try layering these designs onto some scalloped frames which can be made using a cutting machine.

However you use this template, you are sure to get a whole lot of fun out of it. I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit. Come by again for more bright and breezy makes.

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