Flip Flop Printable Template for Crafts

It's not quite time to dig out the flip flops yet but I've been getting ready for the hot season with some fun crafts based on my favorite summer footwear.

Since it's Freebie Friday again, I've made a free template that you can use for your own crafts. You've got a choice of two options here because the printable pattern is available at both my new tutorials.

Enjoy a flip flop based greeting card template and tutorial which is perfect for your summer card making. Also make sure to visit the matching door hanger design.

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Flip flops are so much fun for the summer season and crafting. See how to make a beach theme flip flop shape greeting card design or a door hanger with these tutorials:

Flip Flop Greeting Card Tutorial with Free Template

Make a Welcome Flip Flop Door Hanger with Free Pattern

More Ideas on Using This Summer Printable

1) Use it as a Centerpiece in a Scrapbook Layout

One large flip flop cut from paper or cardstock and arranged diagonally on the page or two smaller ones overlapping each other will make a great centerpiece for a beach, vacation, summer or fun footwear layout. There are lots of Beach Themed Scrapbook Items including papers and stickers that will work for this idea.

2) Make Beach Themed Party Invitations

Once you know how to use the template to make a card, it's not to difficult to extend that a bit further and make your own party invites as well.

The easiest way to do this is to type up all the details on a computer and then make the text narrow and small enough to print out for the front of your flip flop. If that is too hard then print out the information you need, fold it up and attach it to the back of the card or even the front if you add a basic pocket.

3) Design Your Own Cupcake Toppers

You can print the pattern off smaller in order to make a template that will be better sized for making unique cupcake toppers ideal for a summer Birthday or occasion. Make palm sized versions and fasten pop mini popsicle sticks at the back so they can easily be propped into the top of delicious cupcakes as decoration.

4) Multiple Flip Flops Can be Arranged as a Welcome Wreath

Make several of these summer shoes from cardstock or craft foam and then arrange them in a circular shape around a Basic Wreath Frame that you've covered in fabric. Add bright, tropical craft flowers into empty spaces to make a colorful and fun wreath for the door.

5) Wrap a Gift in Style with Flip Flop Tags

You'll need to print the template off at smaller sizes (perhaps a variety of sizes) to make some smaller patterns ideal for gift tags or even embellishments for other craft projects such as jazzing up a travel or vacation photo frame.

Life really is more fun in flip flops! I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit. More seasonal fun to come real soon. Let me know if you use this in the comments below.

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