Make an Easy to Sew Pincushion

Ever wondered how you can recycle old sewing thread spools and turn them into something useful and practical at the same time? Make yourself an easy pincushion with this simple hand sewing project.

I call these my mini mushroom pincushions because that's what they resemble but you can use a different fabric color and design instead to make a mini pin keep or holder. They're so easy and quick to make once you know how so they make good gifts too for Mother's Day and birthdays.

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Click Here to See How to Make a Mini Spool Pincushion with My Tutorial

Although the wooden reels do look really charming, I show you how to use simple empty plastic ones in the tutorial and make those look just as good. You can buy Empty Wooden Craft Spools but DO check the size because some of them are just too small - you need ones with a minimum height of 2 inches.

In fact, the bigger the spool, the better because otherwise they can be fiddly to use as a base for a pincushion. Try scouting online auctions for vintage spools too if you love that styling.

How Else to Repurpose Empty Thread Spools

1) Use as ribbon holders. Spools look beautiful as ribbon holders. You really need to fix the end of the ribbon in place with sticky tape and then I like to fix the other end with a colored paper-clip otherwise they have an annoying tendency to unravel. They look gorgeous on display with your best decorative ribbons on show.

2) Make into Pretty Christmas Tree Ornaments. Cover the spools in pretty papers and add some sparkle with beads or glitter. Add a loop of ribbon into the central shaft which you can fix in place with a glue gun. Hang up on the tree for an unusual but delightful decoration.

3) Thread onto Twine for a Fun Banner. If you have lots of spools, then you can decorate them and thread them onto a long piece of twine for a fun banner to stretch across a wall as room or party decor. This could make a fun way to decorate a craft or sewing room.

4) Use as Unique Necklace Hangers. Stuck sideways onto a wall or the back of a wardrobe or closet door, you have some really unique hangers for holding your jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets.

5) Create Novelty Drawer Knobs. Replace existing drawer knobs with wooden spools instead. This idea is perfect for your craft room or to highlight a fun piece of furniture.

6) Make a Pencil or Pen Holder. The central shaft is often just the right size to accommodate a single pen or pencil. Decorate the spool and use on your desk to store your favorite writing implement.

How will you use your empty thread spools? Or will they just wind their way up in the waste bin? You can let me know in the comments. I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit. I will be back soon with some more ideas for your crafting.

Visit for felt sewing crafts, tutorials, patterns, stitch guides techniques, help, ideas and more.

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