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Felt embroidered fairy house tree ornament and fabric leaf

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Working with felt and fabric is always fun. I often prefer smaller craft projects that can be hand stitched but am working more on machine stitched projects as time goes on because they are quicker. While some of these crafts and tutorials involve sewing of some description, there are many ways to use modern adhesives for no-sew versions too. Enjoy this selection or, alternatively, click here to see a visual menu of all felt and fabric crafts.

Table of Contents:

~ 1: Felt Craft Pages
~ 2: Fabric Based Crafts

1: Felt Craft Tutorials and Articles: Newest Listed First

Pattern to Sew a Spring Candlemat for Your Table

Garden Themed Potting Shed Applique

How to Make Felt Mushroom Ornaments and Brooch Pins

Make an Easy Felt Pincushion Tutorial

Instructions on How to Make Felt Brooches to Wear

Make Your Own Cute Felt Needlecase

How to Make Mini DIY Felt Rose Flowers

Stuffing Felt Plushies and Ornaments

What Threads to Use for Felt Sewing

How to Make Felt Ornaments to Hang Up

All About Transferring Patterns to Felt Fabric

Absolute Beginner Tutorial: Making Felt Houses

What Fabric Markers to Use for Felt Sewing

Tutorial to Make a Felt Bird Ornament With Free Pattern

How to Make Felt Plushies for Beginners

How to Make an Easy Heart Garland

The Ultimate Guide to Craft Felt

Make a Small Cupcake Brooch Pin Tutorial

Heart Garland and Template for St. Valentine's Day

Felt Fairy House Tutorial with Free Pattern

Hanging DIY Silhouette Butterfly

Make an Adorable Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag

Create a Pennant Banner Decoration

Sew Mini Plush Hearts - Great for Valentine's Day

2: Fabric Based Craft Pages: Newest Listed First

How to Blanket Stitch Applique by Hand

Hand Sewing Tools and Their Uses

How to Make On Trend Tulle Pom Poms

Tutorial to Sew the Strongest Hand Stitch

Learn to Sew the Easiest Hand Stitch With My Guide

Make a DIY Tabletop Ironing Board

All About Sewing Supplies for Beginners

Different Ways of Marking Fabric for Sewing

Make Your Own Fabric Pom Poms

How to Sew Blanket Stitch by Hand

Easy to Sew Mini Spool Pincushion Tutorial

How to Make a Tulle Wreath for Birthdays

Making a Tulle Wreath for Halloween

Make a Fabric Pom Pom Dressing Up Wand

Sewing a Costume Cloak with No Pattern

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