Making a Spring Pennant Banner

For the Spring season, I really love the combinations of pinks and greens which both happen to be among my favorite colors so I guess that figures. A while back I showcased the butterfly picture frames I made and this pennant banner was what they were made to match. You will see a link to the picture frame page at the end of this post.

Making your own pennant banners for home decor or parties is really not all that hard and the beauty of making your own is that you get the exact mix of colors and styling that you're after. Plus ones made with fabric and felt last a whole lot longer than paper versions while looking far nicer than those plastic banners.

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Nowadays banners and bunting are made using whatever shaped flag sections you want but I still really love the traditional triangular versions and they're quicker if you're opting to sew because there's only 3 sides to stitch instead of 4 for squares or rectangles.

See My How To Tutorial on Making a Spring Felt and Fabric Banner

It is very possible to make a no-sew version and I do give tips on doing that in the tutorial itself. Since I wanted mine for a more permanent home fixture, I opted to sew the flags with a combination of colored felts and coordinating patterned fabrics. It was pretty quick to do when you're sewing them all in one go.

Fabric and felt make a beautiful combination where using acrylic mix felt provides more of a sturdy backing to sew cotton weight fabric onto while still not being too heavy to hang across a wall or space.

If you've not worked with felt sheets before then I recommend it since it is easy to work with and comes in a wide spectrum of colors and even patterns these days that you can employ in your crafting.

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