Easy Chocolate Covered Heart Shaped Cookies

Here's a recipe and some step-by-step photo instructions to make some pretty and easy chocolate covered heart shaped cookies for Valentine's Day. These heart shaped cookie biscuits are patterned with rainbow color sprinkles.

The cookies make a wonderful gift for romantic occasions like Weddings and Bridal Showers but can also be shared with Mom for a sweet Mother's Day treat too. You have one heart shaped layer made from a delicious and soft vanilla sugar cookie recipe and a second, smaller heart layer made from chocolate covered with pretty sprinkle decoration. 

The combination of the two layers makes for a sweet little treat. These are definitely made for sharing with those who are special to you. But don't forget the essential ingredient which is a set of graduated heart cutters.

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Easy Chocolate Covered Heart Shaped Cookies to Make

Easy Chocolate Covered Heart Shaped Cookies for Valentines Day

Chocolate Covered Heart Cookie Ingredients
Makes up to 40 Small Valentine, Romantic Treats

For the Vanilla Cookie/Biscuit Base:

113g unsalted butter
113g caster sugar
1 beaten egg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
225g plain flour

Need a Vanilla Cookie Recipe with US Measurements? Visit AllRecipes.com for a Vanilla Cookie Recipe

For the Chocolate Heart Topping:

1 300g / 8 oz bar of baking chocolate
Rainbow Color Sprinkles

This can make up to 40 mini heart cookies which make fabulous sweet treats to share with family, friends and loved ones for Valentine's Day.

For this chocolate covered cookie or biscuit design, you need a set of graduated heart-shaped cutters. You need 2 heart cutters: 1 larger one for cutting the sugar cookies and one smaller one for cutting the chocolate sprinkle layer. Metal cutters are required to cut through the chocolate which can be tough to cut once set so plastic cutters are really not sharp enough.

Part 1: Making the Vanilla Cookie Base
Skip this part if you have your own favorite recipe to use!

Mixing the cookie ingredients together

Once you've weighed or measured your butter and sugar, place both ingredients into a large mixing bowl and whisk or mix them together.

You can use an electric mixer or whisk to make these cookies so you don't need to go to the effort of mixing by hand.

Next add 1 egg and the vanilla extract before whisking again. Once everything is nicely combined, add in the plain flour to the bowl and mix this in as well.

Don't panic if you can see what looks like a crumbly mess in the bottom of your mixing bowl. You need to get your hands in and push all of the cookie mixture together into a large, round ball shape.

Cover this dough in a plastic food safe wrap and put it into your refrigerator for about 20-30 minutes to chill. If you have a stainless steel rolling pin, you can also chill that too which can aid with rolling out your cookie dough.

Choose a large, flat surface where you can roll your dough out. You don't need to roll all of it in one go. You can always break the dough in half and roll it in smaller and more manageable amounts.

The recipe I've used does not rise so you can pretty much guarantee that the thickness you roll and cut to will be the finished thickness of the cookie when baked.

I've had my heavy, stainless steel rolling pin for 12 years now and it still looks and functions as good as new. It was an investment when I purchased it but my how that has paid off over the years. I would have got through several wooden rolling pins by now.

Not only can you chill a stainless steel rolling pin before rolling your dough. This helps to prevent the mixture from sticking to your pin but also it helps to roll the dough perfectly smooth with no imperfections. It's a must if you love doing baking.

Cut out your hearts from the dough with one of your heart cutters. Ensure that you have a smaller heart cutter for the chocolate hearts. Carefully place them onto baking trays that have been lightly floured.

Bake the heart shaped cookies on Gas 4 (350°F / 177°C) for about 10-12 mins. Once cooked, the cookies should be a nice golden brown color. Place them to cool onto a wire cooling rack and then start to make your chocolate hearts.

Part 2: Making the Chocolate Sprinkle Hearts

Melt your baking bar of Chocolate. I use the milk variety but you can choose the baking chocolate that you prefer. Baking chocolate is easier to melt and use which is why I've chosen it.

Melting chocolate for baking yum

A microwave is very easy for melting chocolate. Break up the pieces into a microwave safe bowl and heat up for about 20 seconds.

Stir the mixture which may be starting to melt and then keep heating in 10-20 second intervals until the chocolate is melting. If there are only small lumps, you'll be able to stir these in. It's easy to over-cook chocolate in a microwave which is why you need to cook it in short bursts and stir.

Tear off a large piece of baking parchment paper and spread it out on a flat surface. Pour your melted chocolate in the middle of this paper and spread it thinly over a large area using a blunt knife or palette knife. You don't need to get it perfectly smooth, it's nearly impossible to do so, because you'll be covering this with sprinkles.

Take out your sprinkles of choice and scatter over the chocolate while it's still wet. Use as many or as few as you like. Now you need to wait for the chocolate to harden. This can take a long time but you can speed up the process by putting it into the refrigerator if you have room or somewhere cool.

Once the chocolate has hardened, cut out small hearts using your second heart cutter. These should be metal heart cutters as plastic ones are unlikely to cut through the hardened chocolate. You might have to press hard to cut the pieces out.

To pick up the completed hearts, pop a blunt knife underneath each one which avoids getting fingerprints over them and spoiling the finished effect. Pop them onto a clean plate or tray. See how to assemble your cookies just a little further down.

Part 3: Assembling the Chocolate Heart Cookies

Melt a small amount of chocolate which you'll use to stick the chocolate sprinkle hearts onto your vanilla cookies. If you didn't read how to melt chocolate then you need to pop back up to step 2 just above.

Adding chocolate heart with sprinkle decoration on to cookie base

Dab a little melted chocolate into the middle of a vanilla cookie, pick up a chocolate heart by sliding a blunt knife underneath it and position it into the center of the cookie.

Lightly press down on top of the chocolate with the side of the knife and pop onto a tray for the chocolate to harden. And now you have some delicious chocolate heart sprinkle cookies. Yum! Perfect for sharing with loved ones as a Sweet Valentine's Treat.

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