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lamb sheep spring card making scrapbooking ideas

After Easter and all the flurry of sweet treats that my daughter receives, we like to send out a bunch of thank you cards to friends and family. Springtime newborn lambs and wooly sheep make a pretty cute theme for handmade greeting cards and also scrapbook layouts too if you’re looking to preserve the memories from this time of year.

These sheep and lamb designs came right out from my craft paper stash but you can look for a suitable Spring themed design from scrapbook paper, rubber stamped designs, digital images, stickers, decoupage paper or from a paper folded piece of origami even.

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Ideas on Using Sheep Designs in Crafts

  1. I Love Ewe So Much - used for Valentine's Day and romantic occasions
  2. Easter and spring greetings and crafts
  3. Baby shower party invites
  4. Newborn and baby card designs
  5. Happy Baa-thday to Ewe - for birthday celebrations
  6. Valentine, I Love Ewe - for Valentine's Day
just a little thank you ewe sheep lamb spring card design

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Look out for some sheep themed cutting dies if you have a paper cutting machine. QuicKutz have a doublecutz die and Sizzix also do one too. Ebay might well be a good bet now for looking out for any dies that are no longer produced. Cricut have a Country Life Cartridge which features these and many other farm scenes and animals.

Fluffy Sheep Card Designs for Kids:

Younger children such as those at preschool and kindergarten can really enjoy making their own card which is cut into a large shape of this favorite farm and barnyard animal. Or use a die to cut out a large shape from cardstock for a gift tag or for the front of a handmade card design.

Let them cover the front in wet glue with a brush and stick on some pieces of white color yarn or some cotton balls to make a really fluffy design of their own. Add on some googly eyes too so they can really have fun with that.

Animal Finger Painting Fun:

Another way for younger kids to enjoy this theme is by using their fingers dipped in some white paint for kids to make up the woolly body of this animal. This looks more effective if done over some colored cardstock or paper. Then a black splodge in the middle and 2 straight lines at the bottom can make the legs. Add on another pair of fun googly eyes to finish this animal off.

Try Some Paper Quilling:

Adults and older children can use simple paper quilling techniques to make up some round quilled shapes from strips of white paper and then stick them over a drawing of the body section of this animal to make the look of the wool.

Use Felt for a Little Fabric Lamb Design:

White felt can be drawn on with a water soluble fabric pen and the shapes can be cut out to make up the shape of this animal when layered up. Start with some larger and small circles of white felt which have bumpy or scalloped edges. Layer them up on top of each other to make the body section.

Try sticking these pieces just in the middle so the edges are loose for more of a 3D layered effect. Then cut out an oval shape with ears for the sheep’s face from brown or black felt and pop in the middle. Cut a couple of stick shape legs from the same dark color and add these on too. Try adding a little flower or ribbon bow at the top of the head.

Stitching on Handmade Cards:

I love the technique of using my sewing machine to stitch around the edges of a card design. If you’re going to do that, make sure you keep a set of needles which are just for paper stitching because these needles might not be any good for sewing on fabric afterwards due to the extra wear on the tips going through paper which blunts them.

There are many more Springtime crafting ideas so have fun with your making and creating. Do you still like to send out some handmade thank you cards, or is it something that’s considered old fashioned now? I still think people appreciate the extra effort you've gone to with that. I'm enjoying it even more right now seeing as the weather here is so bad.

Like most avid paper crafters, I've built up a large amount of decorative paper over the years. Sometimes the paper design is good enough on its own to be the central theme for a card or handmade project. I picked out some slogans such as Thank Ewe So Much and Just a Little Thank Ewe to match.

Even if you don't normally make your own thank you cards, you can still use a similar design of greeting card for other occasions as well. I hope you enjoyed these suggestions on how you can use cute sheep motifs in your crafting.

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