Scrapbook Sticker Storage and Organization Ideas

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Stickers make up a very large part of my crafting stash that I would really hate to be without. I use them for occasional scrapbooking but mainly card-making and many different paper craft projects.

I own rather a lot of stickers and they are carefully stored away to help ensure that they stay nice and clean as well as organized. 

While all my stickers have now found a permanent home in my arts and crafts buffet and hutch, which is a traditional oak Welsh dresser, I had a variety of methods that I used prior to this for storing them so I'm passing on my tips and ideas on some different methods you can use yourself.

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Scrapbook Sticker Storage for Your Desktop

There are so many more options now for keeping your stickers and flat embellishments all in one handy location. These products were sadly not available to me when I could have made much use of them.

If you want your craft items right there at arm's length on your desk, these are some really great solutions. My favorite one is an expanding file which would look very elegant placed on a desk or table. But the clip on ideas that you get now are very clever ones. I love the idea of a rotating storage file that you can swing round to locate just what you're looking for.

Advantus Cropper Hopper Projections Expandable Sticker Stadium

Get this Expandable Sticker Stadium from

I love the look of this expanding system that allows you to both store and organize your sticker collection. You can pop it on a work surface nearby and dip in and out of it as you need to.

Desktop Storage is Good if:
  • You have a large enough space on your table, work surface or desk to accommodate it.
  • You use stickers and flat embellishments frequently and need them close by.
  • You need a good view of these items while you're working instead of having them stored in boxes and not visible.

Wall Mounted Clip it Up Options

Wall mounted options can make use of unused wall space and leave your work area uncluttered. You can fix the wall mounted storage wherever you will be able to easily access it to use your craft goodies.

I love the clip on options that you can get because you can clip straight onto pieces of paper, sticker sheets, fabric swatches, clear bags with embellishments and more. It is a neat option and leaves your desk free for crafting and scrapping.

Wall Mounted Storage is Good if:
  • You have a more permanent place where you scrapbook and craft.
  • You want to keep your desk or work space free and uncluttered.
  • You only have a small desk.

Boxes, Binders and Drawer Solutions

Before we saved up for my current craft buffet and hutch, I used many boxes and drawers similar to these for storing stickers and other sheets and rather flat embellishments such as chipboard letters. There are good issues and bad with this method of storage.

The good is that they don't have to take up valuable desk space and can be moved around where you need them. But the bad tends to be that they are not right at the forefront while you are scrapbooking which means they might get overlooked more easily.

stylish rolling organizer with colored drawers

Get this Rolling Drawer Organizer from

Movable drawer systems like this one can work pretty well for craft storage and especially smaller items such as stickers and smaller embellishments, tools and equipment.

Use Boxes, Binders and Drawers if:
  • You want the freedom to locate these anywhere.
  • You prefer to take up floor or shelf space rather than using your desk or table.
  • You want a mobile (drawers with wheels) or a portable solution with boxes or binders.
  • You don't need to have the stickers out on display or in front of you at all times while you craft.
  • You don't mind perhaps taking longer to find what you want to use.

What Type of Sticker Storage Appeals the Most?

Any option for craft storage that you choose may well depend exactly on the type of space that you have available. If you are lucky enough to have your own craft room then there should be no particular problem. Otherwise, you may have to decide whether it is more practical to have a wall mounted option, desktop, freestanding or something that is more practical and portable. I hope this helps you figure out what to choose.

Why not let other crafters know in the comments, which sticker storage solution appeals most to you.
  • Desktop Solutions
  • More Permanent Wall Mounted Fixtures
  • Floor Standing Options
  • Something You can Stack on Shelves
  • Storage is for wimps! My stickers are fine as they are!

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