Watermelon Perler Beads Pattern Instructions

Get a cool slice of summer already by making some fun fused bead watermelon designs and patterns. This detailed tutorial gives you full instructions to make your own juicy watermelon Perler beads pattern.

Once your watermelon fruit pieces are made, you can turn them into novelty jewelry like necklaces that are perfect to wear on bright sunny days. You can also design your own fun decorations like coasters which are made from full, watermelon designs.

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than biting into this soft and juicy red fruit flesh. And it makes wonderfully cooling drinks too. The colors are cute and make for pretty coaster designs in your crafting. Great to use around a pool if you're lucky enough to have one.

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Watermelon Perler Beads Pattern Instructions: Works for Hama and Fused Beads

Watermelon Perler Beads Pattern Instructions Full Tutorial on CraftyMarie Summer Fruit Craft Crafts

Supplies That You Need for Making Watermelon Perler Beads

  • Perler beads (Hama for Europe) in white, red, black and green
  • A small or a large circle pegboard
  • Special ironing paper and an adult to fuse/melt the design together

You've probably already got a good supply of Perler beads but check that you have a selection of red, white, black and different shades of greens for this watermelon fruit pattern.

Most standard colors of Perler beads can be found in a multi mix jar. I used solid colors except for the red of the fruit flesh for which I used a translucent red but the pattern will work with a solid shade too.

You need a small or a large circle pegboard to make this design. The small one is handy because the pattern fits inside the whole board.

Finally, your special Perler ironing paper is essential for an adult to iron over the finished design and fuse the beads together.

Pattern Tutorial Instructions to Make Perler Bead Watermelon Slices

This delicious fruit always makes me think of summer because it is so juicy, sweet and refreshing on a hot day.

See how to make your own design 3 ways with whole slices which are great for cute coasters, half slices for drink decor and small pieces which are ideal to turn into necklaces. And there are lots more uses for these which I'm sure you can think of.

Green colored Perler fused beads around half an edge of a circle peg board

Step 1. First I'll show you how to make half a watermelon slice because a whole slice is can easily be made from this pattern.

Start with a selection of different color green Perler beads. I think I used 4 different colors of green but just use whatever shades you have.

You need to work exactly halfway round the outer edge of your circle pegboard and randomly place down different colors of green beads as shown.

The small circle peg boards are the ideal sizing for these watermelon fruit patterns and that's the tutorial I will demonstrate here.

You can also use a larger sized circle peg board. To use a large board, work the entire pattern from the middle or central peg down to the 8th circular row.

Green and white fused beads around the edge of a circle pegboard hama perler

Step 2. The next step is very easy. Just work inside the row of green beads that you made with a row of white beads.

This row of white really makes the red flesh of the fruit pop out. I have tried it without this white section and it doesn't look nearly as good.

Adding black beads to watermelon perler hama fused beads pattern board

Step 3. Working within this half section of the pegboard, randomly dot around 4-6 black beads for the pips of the watermelon fruit.

It is easier to add the black beads for the pips in first and then fill in the rest of the pattern with red perler beads.

Half slice pattern of a perler bead water melon watermelon design pattern

Step 4. I like to use a translucent red (which is actually a glitter Perler bead) for the watermelon fruit flesh.

That's because a translucent red which you get with the glitter beads just makes it look much juicier than using another solid color bead.

A solid red also works fine. Just fill in the rest of the half pegboard making that straight edge at the top. Now you have half a slice done.

Whole slice circle pattern of a perler bead water melon watermelon design pattern great for coasters

Step 5. A whole slice of a watermelon fruit is just a continuation of the half slice pattern.

Work a green edge all around the outside of the pegboard, then a white row, then add in 8-12 black beads randomly in the middle for the pips and fill in with red.

Watermelon summer fruit hama fused perler beads pattern instructions tutorial craft kids adults

Step 6. I love the little tiny piece of watermelon Perler beads fruit at the top which you can see the pattern for here.

➡️ Now See How to Turn These into Perler Bead Party Favors

You can turn this one into earrings or a necklace for summer themed fun jewelry. Have fun making your own designs.

Get more patterns for Perler bead fruit slices HERE.

Make Lots of Cute Items for Summer With Perler Beads

These special fused beads are fun to craft with and you can make loads of things from magnets to keychains to jewelry and decorations for parties and around the home. Have fun making things with them.

Clear Pegboards are Perfect for Kids: Use Over the Top of a Pattern Pad

As an adult crafter, I prefer the solid boards. I make my own patterns all the time and find the solid color pegboards easier to work with.

My young daughter prefers her clear pegboards which she lays over the top of a pattern to complete a design. Pattern pads help her confidence with constructing designs.

Watermelon is the Only Melon I can Eat

I'm allergic to all other types of melon. The reason I love this fruit so much is because it is the only melon I can eat without suffering a severe allergic reaction.

I have to be very careful when eating fruit salads prepared outside of the home since they could trigger off a very bad attack for me.

So I really have a reason to love this delicious and refreshing fruit and I enjoy crafts based on it too.

Using Watermelon Fruit Bead Designs 

You can make these fused bead patterns in different ways. You can then use your finished items to make fun and novelty coasters, costume jewelry, decorations, hanging ornaments, gift tags, magnets, keychains and more.

If you've never tried this craft, it's a pretty simple one to have fun with. You need a selection of fused beads (Perler or Hama are the big brands) and some pegboards which hold the beads in position as you work a pattern.

When your design is done, you iron over the top with a layer of special ironing paper between the pattern and the iron. You might need to test ironing with a few practice pieces until you get the hang of it. After that it's very easy.

If you want to turn your half slice into a drink decoration that sits on top of a drinking glass, also refer to my Perler fruit slices page so you can see how to do this.

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