SUPER EASY Origami Cupcake Instructions and How To

Kids and adults can create a very cute and easy origami cupcake design in minutes. Just follow the instructions using some very simple paper folding techniques. This tutorial explains everything step by step with photos.

Discover how you can make a super easy cupcake design from paper. You can make this just by using some simple folds in a sheet of square origami or craft paper. It's so easy that both kids and adults are able to make this flat paper cupcake.

Once you've completed this fast design, you can pop it on the front of a greeting card that you want to make. You can also use it as a cute little gift tag, a bookmark and perhaps even create a hanging ornament by punching a hole at the top and popping some twine, ribbon or cord through.

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SUPER EASY Origami Cupcake Instructions and How To With Step by Step Photos

SUPER EASY Origami Cupcake Instructions and How To With Step by Step Photos Kids Craft Paper Folding Crafting

Because this origami cupcake is so nice and simple to make, it is an ideal project for those who are new to paper folding and those who need quick items that can be created.

With some adult guidance, children from as young as 6 may be able to do this craft project. Older kids may be able to follow the step by step directions themselves. Have fun making your sweet little paper cakes.

Step 1

Square sheet origami paper

You will need a square sheet of origami paper. Origami paper is normally 6 x 6 inches in size. You can also cut your own paper to size but you need some that is colored or patterned on just one side.

Place the colored or patterned side of the paper so that it is facing down on the work-surface in front of you. Rotate the paper so it is shaped like a diamond as shown in the image above.

Step 2

Folded square paper to make triangle shape

Take hold of the bottom corner of your paper. Pull it right up to meet the top corner of the paper.

Line up the side edges and make a fold. Your paper is now folded in half and should look like a triangle with the point facing up.

Step 3

Folding back tip of triangle on paper

Pull back the very top corner of your triangle. Make sure that you only grab hold of the top layer of paper and not both pieces.

Pull the top corner down. You want to pull the tip slightly past the middle point.

Then make a fold which looks like a downward facing triangle. You're now going to fold this little triangle portion to make a fancy edging for your origami cupcake design.

Step 4

Folding triangle paper

Take hold of the bottom tip of the triangle that you just folded.

Bring the tip of the triangle over the folded line by a good finger width. Fold or make your crease in the paper.

Step 5

Fancy folding origami paper

Get hold of the top tip of paper that you just folded. The little pink triangle shown in step 4.

Fold that back down to make a fancy edging in your folded paper. You've now folded the front of your origami cupcake.

Step 6

Folding paper origami

Take hold of the whole piece of paper and flip it over now to the back of your design. The back will look just like a folded triangle when you turn it over.

Take hold of the very top tip of the triangle ensuring that you only get hold of the top layer of paper.

Pull this tip of paper down to make a small, downward facing triangular fold. You want to make a fold just a little way above the fold line on the front of your cupcake.

Step 7

Folding triangular pattern into origami paper

Take hold of the bottom tip of the triangle that you just folded. Pull it up so that the tip just extends a little over the folded edge.

Refer to the image for step 7 above. Now make your crease in the paper.

Step 8

Triangle paper folded blue and pink

With the small tip of triangular paper right at the very top of your origami cupcake design (the part shown in pink on the image above) fold it over to the front.

Just push the tip forward and down while holding your design up slightly from the work surface area.

Step 9

Folding side of paper shape

Take hold of the tip on the far right at the back of your cupcake and pull it up and across to the left.

The edge should sit just a small way under but level with the folding that you've made at the top.

Refer to the image above for an accurate positioning of how the fold should look. This shapes the side of the cupcake.

Step 10

Folding cupcake origami paper

Repeat this same action over on the left side of your piece of origami.

Take hold of the tip on the far left and pull it up and across to the right so the edge sits flush with the top edge of the part that you folded in step 9.

When both sides have been folded they make the actual cupcake shape. Turn it over to the front to see your finished design.

Video Showing the Same Easy Cupcake Origami Instructions

There are lots of cute things you can use with your origami sheets; make cupcakes for cards, scrapbooks, little notes for friends and family and as tags for gifts.

Cupcake origami birthday greetings card handmade design instructions tutorial how to craft paper crafting

Check out the handmade greetings card I made using this cute and easy origami cupcake design above.

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