Cute Cupcake Origami Paper Folding Crafts

I'll admit it, I'm a cupcake addict. I just love anything cupcakes and not just the variety that you eat although of course I love those too. There are a load of fun crafts on this theme and I've tried out plenty.

Here's a fun and cute cupcake origami crafts resource page that I've put together for other people to enjoy as well. Discover how to make all kinds of cupcakes from paper and card. You can even pick out some of your favorite toppings like cherries and strawberries and add those in too.

Making cakes and sweet confections from paper is something that can be done by both adults and older kids. You can turn your finished designs into a handmade cupcake greetings card which is something I often do. So let's get crafting.

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Cute Cupcake Origami Paper Folding Crafts and Projects

Cute Cupcake Origami Paper Folding Crafts and Projects Craft Kids Adults Cup Cakes Papercraft

I love anything cupcake; I collect trinkets and collectibles as well as making a lot of my own crafts on this theme year round.

This example shown here, which is my own photo, is the easiest cupcake origami design that you can fold. It is simple enough for most kids and children who are into paper crafts to make.

It's a simple flat-folded creation that you can handily add to handmade greetings cards. Alternatively, mount and frame as your own cute and unique mini wall art. You can also punch a hole into it and hang it up as a paper decoration. Fun to make and easy to do.

➡️ See the Full Step-by-Step Tutorial to Make this Origami Cupcake HERE

Watch How it is Done With This Video Tutorial

Pretty Pastel Rainbow Papers are Ideal for Cute and Pretty Projects like This One

I love the look of pastel origami papers for making these and other cute items from paper. As I do lots of different crafts and creative projects. You can find lots of patterned origami papers to choose from.

I'm a bit of a paper addict and I keep all my patterned papers stored in box files sorted by color which makes it much easier when I need to find the right look or design.

Other Cupcake Paper Crafting Projects

Pink and coffee brown polka dot cupcake shaped card handmade DIY design birthday greeting cakes

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

➡️ See the Cupcake Card Tutorial HERE

I adore these designs and paper-crafting so I've made a tutorial to make this shaped card with the addition of a free printable template that you can use again and again in your card-making.

This is hands down one of my favorite arty projects and lots of my followers enjoy this one too since it comes with a free printable that you can use to make it again and again. Tutorial linked to below listed as free shaped card template.

All of these paper crafting projects have been hand-picked for you. If you enjoy your paper crafting as much as I do, you're sure to love these projects and templates.

Cupcake Shaped Boxes: Free templates to fold some pretty shaped boxes from card.

FREE Shaped Card Template: A printable template so you can quickly craft your own handmade shaped cards.

Shaped Cards: Free template to make your own yummy cake cards, mmm.

Cute little Card with Template: Make a sweet little scalloped edge card with a free template.

Fun Folded Origami Cupcake Toppings for Your Perfectly Sweet Paper Treats

What topping do you love on your cupcakes? Cherry topped or strawberry topped? You decide!

Just for fun, I have also added some origami instructions for making toppings for your paper folded miniature cakes. You might want to combine a flat folded topping with the flat origami or a 3D topping with a 3D cake.

Or the sweet, fruity paper creations are good enough to be used on their own too. Have fun creating your paper cakes and deciding on how you're going to decorate them.

If you're using your origami on a card front, you may want to decorate the paper creation with glitter, bows, ribbon, flat backed gems, beads and button decorations. Origami should be as much fun as you can make it.

If you're not into making handmade cards, consider using your completed designs as hanging decorations that you can use in the window of your home or as decor. With a hole punch and some ribbon, it's quick to turn your creations into ornaments instead.

Puffed Origami Cherries with Leaf Video: Perhaps you prefer cherries for your paper cupcakes? Here's some brilliant puffed out origami cherries to fold.

Puffed Strawberry Photo Tutorial: Here's some handy step by step origami photo instructions to make a puffed out strawberry with leaves.

Paper for Cherries and Strawberries

If you're planning to make lots of toppings for your paper cakes, you'll need some plain red origami paper for cherries and strawberries to go on top.

You can get red origami sheets in individual or larger, mixed packs. I'm always running out of red because it is used so much for festive Holiday crafts too. So it's a great option to get it as an individual pack to stock up on this shade.

I prefer to use good quality scrapbook paper for card-making. It's thick (so you can't easily screw it up) and the printing looks much more professional than any designs you can print off on a home printer. Scrapbooking paper makes perfect cards.

Tips on Using Your Finished Pieces

Cupcake origami handmade greeting card design birthday cards DIY pink

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

With origami, I like to mount my completed pieces and use them on handmade cards but you can also turn them into hanging paper ornaments or make framed wall art from your finished designs.

Three-dimensional cakes make wonderful display, play or pretend food and can also be used as standing decorations.

Paper Folded Sweet Treat Designs

There are surprisingly few cup cake origami projects online. I say surprisingly because I know just how popular these cute motifs are and people love to craft with these designs.

Despite this, I've found some excellent projects. There's a flat folded origami cup cake that can be made by kids and adults alike and has the advantage that it can be stuck onto cards or mounted as wall art very easily.

Then you've got a much more advanced tutorial on making a difficult puffed up cupcake which you can use as pretend play food or hang as an ornament if you add some string.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my article today, thanks for your visit. Origami fans who enjoy using the 3D folded triangles will be pleased that I've also included a project for this. You can watch all of these as videos right on this page or there are other paper crafting projects and tutorials I've included too.

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