Folding Decorative Envelopes from Paper

Envelopes don't have to be boring. For special looking notes and stationery, I like to fold my own decorative envelopes using some fairly easy origami techniques. The origami has to be easy because I don't like craft projects that take too long or that are too challenging to make.

Making a special envelope is a neat idea when you are writing a note for a loved one, perhaps for Valentine's Day or a special occasion. Mini designs look great added on to handmade cards and also scrapbook layouts too.

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These envelopes have very special folds which make them ideal for more special occasions rather than the everyday ones. Once you know a technique for making just one of these, you can go on and use it again and again for a really special handmade thank you, wedding stationery, party invitations and more.

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Most of these are made using square sheets of origami paper which is patterned or colored on one side and often white on the other. This special paper often comes in small sizes so will make tiny envelopes or folded notes.

You can buy bigger sheets of paper and cut into a square to create larger sized finished pieces as required. I hope you've enjoyed reading my craftymarie article today, thanks for your visit. Have fun folding something great!

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