Easy Paper Origami Envelope Designs to Make

Envelopes don't need to be dull and boring. For paper crafts as well as for special looking notes and stationery, I like to fold my own decorative envelopes using some fairly easy origami techniques.

Luckily, there are some easy paper origami envelope designs that you can make. The paper folding has to be easy because I don't like crafting projects that take too long or that are too challenging to create.

Making a special envelope is a neat idea when you are writing a note for a loved one, perhaps for Valentine's Day or another special occasion. Mini envelope designs look fab when added on to handmade cards and also scrapbook layouts.

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Easy Paper Origami Envelope Designs For You to Make

Easy Paper Origami Envelope Designs for you to Make Folding envelopes craft crafting papercrafting

It's fun to fold your own paper envelopes and make cute little handcrafted notes which are perfect for more meaningful and special occasions.

Being able to make your very own origami envelopes is both fun and also practical. Folding these envelope containers from paper is something that comes in handy for occasions such as Valentine's Day (for holding your romantic love letters) and also for gift giving times such as birthdays and Christmas.

You can use this craft as a fun way to wrap up and present money, gift cards, small items like confetti, candy and letters too.

Easy Origami Envelope Tutorials and Projects

Origami Heart Envelope: A fantastic and very easy origami heart envelope tutorial that is perfect for a romantic event such as a wedding for wedding favors or as a container for little love notes on Valentine's day.

➡️ You will find a complete step-by-step photo tutorial for this design over on the Heart Envelope Tutorial page.

Square Origami Envelope: This square envelope features 4 triangle flaps of paper on the front which meet in the middle to make a diamond-shaped accent.

You can vary the size of these triangles to make a small diamond or large one in the middle of your envelope. Here's a video tutorial for this cool looking origami envelope.

Rectangular Envelope with Small Diamond Fastening: This paper folded envelope is adorable. It has more of a traditional envelope shape although it's made from a square of paper.

Here's the video tutorial for this rectangle origami envelope.

Origami Stationery Kit - Make Folded Note Cards and Envelopes

If you're like me and you love to fold and make your own cute stationery items, you should love this origami stationery book kit. Being able to make your own stationery and envelopes is perfect for so many occasions of the year and is a skill that is admired by others.

Origami Bar Envelope: A super stylish origami envelope which has an attractive, pleated bar of folded paper across the front.

Make this design in just 16 steps with ordinary printer paper. An intermediate level of folding knowledge is required.

Origami Gift Card Envelope: A cute little envelope to fit gift cards.

Unusual Two Pocket Envelope: Such an unusual looking and unique design for a two pocket envelope folded from one sheet of duo-colored paper.

Envelope with Heart on Front: Another sweet envelope with frontal, paper-folded heart detail. Here's the folding diagram to make it.

Oblique Origami Envelope: An envelope with cool corner detail once folded. A relatively easy project.

How to Make an Origami Heart Envelope: make this beautiful heart design from one sheet of letter sized paper. Video here.

Try folding some origami envelopes for Christmas, Birthdays and Valentine's Day too. Your friends and family will be delighted to receive pretty, folded envelopes containing mini Xmas cards, messages with Holiday wishes or cute notes and even tiny gifts.

My Sailboat Square Origami Envelope

Sailboat Square Origami Envelope decorative pocket design papercrafting paper folding

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author. Origami sailboat square envelopes design.

I love folding this easy-intermediate origami square pocket envelope which features a really cute sailboat detail.

You will find the exact origami diagram for this model in the book called World's Best Origami which I have also reviewed here on my CraftyMarie blog.

This is one of my personal favorite books on this craft because it has so many great projects to complete. I did a big review on this very book which you can read too.

This book has a fantastic range of projects which I guarantee will have something to please everyone who enjoys the art of folding paper sheets in order to create something new.

Clever Cards and Envelopes to Fold

This card and envelope folding book has 30 different projects included in it. I was lucky enough to get this book at my local library and I really enjoyed it.

There's a card project with a heart design on the front that I love the look of as well as projects for a fortune teller (remember those from school) a money holder and several different style envelopes.

I've put together this handy origami and paper folding resource page to feature my favorite selection of envelope tutorials, diagrams, instructions and also videos that you can follow along to. In no time at all, you can be making your own paper envelopes.

These envelopes have very unique folds which make them ideal for more special occasions rather than the everyday ones. Once you know a technique for making just one of these, you can go on and use it again and again for a really different handmade thank you, wedding stationery, party invitations and more.

Most of these are made using square sheets of origami paper which is patterned or colored on one side and often white on the other. This special paper often comes in small sizes so will make tiny envelopes or folded notes.

You can buy bigger sheets of paper and cut into a square to create larger sized finished pieces as required. Enjoy my own personal photos which demonstrate items that I have made and have lots of crafting fun. Have fun folding something great!

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